Zombie Jack for the Nintendo Entertainment System
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It seems that in order to live another day, Jack is going to have to cut down something other than trees.

Zombie Jack comes in swinging and doesn’t stop until the final zombie is in pieces in this is an all new zombie slaying experience for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Hack and slash your way through 22 intense levels of zombie hordes with a diverse cast of enemies and zom-problems.  Are you brave enough to stay in the game?


Many names of legend have rung throughout the forests of the world, but none as loudly as Jack Holzfaller.  Jack, a stalwart lumberjack, has traveled across the globe in an effort to chop down every type of tree known to man.  His adventures have taken him to the mighty Redwoods of California, the tasty Maples of Canada, the deadly Manchineels of Spain, the lovely Sakuras of Japan, and the ancient Date Palms of Egypt.

However, there is a one tree that has continued to elude him - the dreaded Mapou Tree of Haiti, said to be a nexus between the human and spirit worlds.  Fortunately for Jack, news in the lumberjack world travels quickly as word of a mysterious island, rumored to soil the enigmatic tree has appeared. Without hesitation, Jack sets sail for the island.

As Jack disembarks the ship, he is greeted by a desolate town. The dimly lit taverns and small hovels only lead the imagination as to the people who reside there. The smell of rum and smoke fill the air and into Jack’s manly lungs. In the town square, he sees an aged man, scraggly and covered in dirt. Looking for directions, Jack approaches the vagabond. The haggard old man appraises Jack with a narrowed focus. His eyes widen at the sight of Jack’s mighty axe, worn, yet still as sharp as the first day Jack cut down his first tree.

The decaying codger points a bony finger over to a path leading out of town and into a dark forest. He smiles a crooked smile, “Good Luck” he whispers, revealing his purple gums and black teeth.

As Jack traverses the eerie pathway, light claws through the branches above, and strange sounds stir from the trees around him.  The ground is soft beneath his feet.  Pale wisps of mist thicken into a dense fog as he travels further to the thicket. Jack knows it for sure, something is wrong in these woods...


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