Zombro for the Sega Genesis


Zombro plays tribute to the Genesis platforms of yesterday, with a unique twist on zombie/human alliances. The Earth has been abandoned after being largely taken over by ghouls. Mankind inhabits the moon and has largely abandoned the earth.  The earth is inhabited almost exclusively by ghouls, with the exception of one super-evil adversary, Zom Al Ghoul.  
Zombro has two attacks.  One is to fire his weapon.  The other is to eat enemies.  One shot stuns the enemies, allowing them to be eaten for a few seconds.  Three shots kills the enemies if you don't choose to eat them.

There is a Zom-meter the player has to be ever-cognizant of.  As Zombro eats humans, he becomes more and more muscular and zombie-like.  

Be ready player 1, we’re going to need you to navigate our man through some dicey waters.



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Behind the Scenes


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