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      Gaming News

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News: Killer in the Cabin, Hypercharged Unboxed & more!

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News: Killer in the Cabin, Hypercharged Unboxed & more!

      We're kicking off December with another trio of games to get on your radar.


      Let's talk about friendship and trust and then go the complete opposite direction. Think along the lines of Among Us or the card game Killer at a Cabin and voila we have our first game Killer in the Cabin. This game foregoes the cute and colorful look and opts for something more relatable and realistic. You play as a group of survivors from a bus crash in some mountains and the objective is to survive all the days that you'll be waiting for help and rescue to arrive. Of course this would mean having to work together sourcing water, gathering food and finding shelter. This sounds all good and in the name of friendship right, wrong. It's good for those of you who aren't trying to kill everyone else unfortunately one of you definitely is. As a survivor your goal is to live on and also try to keep as many people alive as possible until help arrives. As the killer well the objective is pretty much given but you'll have a range of different options to terminate other Players these include the ability to poison, strangle a sleeping player, or the option to not help when gathering materials so yeah good luck making friends. 


      I'm super charged up to tell you more about this next game. It'll bring you back to simpler times when you used to play with action figures, a whole battalion of soldiers fighting off a completely different set of toys like dinosaurs or elves or beyblades. This one is called Hypercharge: Unboxed. Here you'll be controlling a small soldier by the name of Sergeant Max Ammo. The mission is to prevent hypercore from being destroyed if it gets wiped out you will have to say goodbye to your human friends they won't remember you and it'll be as if you never existed. You'll need to protect different stations against a swarm of evil toys aiming to take them out and looking to destroy you as well. Hypercharge is a classic style third and first person shooter inspired by Toy Story and small soldiers focusing on wave-based shooting with defense building mechanics. Features include single-player, Co-op and plastic versus plastic progression, big weapons and wave-based hybrid. Every level that you complete unlocks new items to use. Available on Windows PC and Nintendo Switch. 


      Completing our trio for today is a sandbox combat called Super Punchy Face. It's a roguelite beat'em up where literally everything is a weapon. Do whatever it takes to win against equally capable opponents in levels that are different every time. Between each fight you could choose from a random selection of techniques to perfect your style so kind of like the Matrix. You'll be breaking everything you touch either by hitting someone with it or by hitting it with someone. Again everything is a weapon: bean bag chairs, ping pong paddles, mop buckets, you name it. What's so special about this sandbox combat is, there's no magic, no guns, no swords and no killing. It's about taking advantage of everyday objects around you to survive. Well, try them out and tell us what you think. 

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      Weekly Dose of Gaming News: Where Cards Fall, Hell Boba Cafe & Terravit

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News: Where Cards Fall, Hell Boba Cafe & Terravit

      Hey guys, we're here to bring you more weekly gaming news.



      Have you ever heard the quote “Life is like a puzzle, it all seems a mess but when it gets fixed it looks awesome” well if not maybe you'll understand when you try playing Where Cards Fall. In the game the unnamed protagonist traverses different landscapes from forests to cities to classrooms that represent their key memories as they reminisce the events that took place in their teenage years all the way through adulthood. Often the ultimate goal of an area is to get from point A to point B using card based structures to overcome obstacles. Now that's where the challenge of translating the physicality of 3D cards onto a 2D plane comes in. You would spread decks of cards to solve challenging spatial puzzles and progress through dream-like landscapes. It attempts to tell a story with minimalist details but you can only draw vague inferences to the pantomime that's taking place on screen. You'll need to make your way towards the end of the level which is represented by a solitary card to move on towards the next one. To do so you'll be constructing houses, platforms, and buildings of varying size and heights with stacks of cards. The basics of these puzzles would need a bit of getting used to particularly with its fiddly controls on the switch but they are largely compelling brain teasers that reward your hard work with the rush of dopamine and if all else fails you can count on the ever reliable hint system that will get you out of tight spots.



      Our next game would give us the right amount of refreshment off the bat the release date is not yet known to us but the title itself just tells you that it's going to be a hit. For starters it's got Boba, enough said right? It also has really cute art and in the game, you have the ability to date demons. In Hell Boba Cafe you'll be working at a bubble tea store at the edge of hell. The thing is your customer is a local demon population. You're going to have mysterious and spooky ingredients at your disposal to make something tasty. Mind you most demons have never ordered Boba before so you'll need to figure out what they'd like. You'll have to cope with demons being tricky and very cryptic in their orders and you'll need to master conversations to do so. In summary, prepare mouth-watering Boba tea, make dialogue choices, and flirt with demon customers to build new relationships. There are over 1400 Boba combinations so get creative. 



      Lastly is this upcoming voxel sandbox game Teravit it's from Cyberstep and they already have a demo for it if you want to check it out because who doesn't love a good sandbox game right. It's a world filled with various biomes, some planes with flowers so that sounds promising right. What's interesting is that the game seems to have a more direct story compared to most sandbox games - The demon king came along and ruined everything by getting his servants to destroy the world's villages then built a bunch of castles to live in which can only mean that darkness is probably going to spread around the World. However, you've just arrived and it's your job to try and stop that however you think is possible. There is of course single-player and multiplayer but you can also just play however you want because it is a sandbox. 


      This has been Retro Indie News, Join our Discord and subscribe to our YouTube for more!


      Weekly Dose of Gaming News: Super Heroes Academy, Superliminal & Unpacking

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News: Super Heroes Academy, Superliminal & Unpacking

      Hey guys! we're back for more Weekly Gaming News.

      Now, can fighting crime and saving lives ever get old? Nah I doubt it, especially when we've had the Avengers and game developers to look up to. It's superhero fever for our first game.

      From Strategy Forge, a brand new superhero game has just been revealed! Welcome to Superheroes Academy. It's quite different from other games in this genre mainly because it's a management and strategy game that puts players in charge of a team of up-and-coming superheroes in a dangerous world full of villains. So to all superheroes their mentors, captains, students and helpers this is a call to run the agency and academy. Run superheroes organization, build bases, develop infrastructure, hire heroes, train students but most of all help the needy and save the world!

      Now if you're eager to join the big boys I suggest you add this game to your wish list as Superheroes Academy is set for release in 2022.


      Move over Queen's Gambit ‘cause this game is a whole lot more complicated, bizarre and clever! Ready to tickle your brain more than what you're used to? Well you must play Superliminal.

      Superliminal is a first person, forced perspective, puzzle game about escaping outlandish dream worlds by manipulating objects and perspective. Kind of like how images seem bigger when they're closer to the eyes? You get it right? Well, this game was released last year, but to mark its anniversary, they released a free update called Group Therapy. It adds a competitive multiplayer mode that will allow up to 12 players be pitted against each other through a series of randomly generated rooms.Think of it as battle royale mode in a first person puzzle game. The objective is simply to be the first one onto the exit. Maybe not that simple given the weird angles and eccentric perspectives you'll be exposed to in the arena, but surely will lead to a whole lot of fun times. 


      Still on the puzzling note, one does wonder when moving in and out of a place will ever be a chill experience because quite frankly it's chaotic. And no matter how you want to try and be as organized and neat as possible, it never happens. But that's where this game comes into play. Try Unpacking.

      It's a Zen puzzle game about the familiar experience of pulling possessions out of boxes and fitting them into a new home. Part block fitting puzzle, part home decoration, you are invited to create a satisfying living space while learning clues about the life you're unpacking. Now, over the course of eight house moves, you're given a chance to experience a sense of intimacy with a character you've never seen and a story you're never told. It features the unpacking of a home from a single bedroom to an entire house and a meditative gameplay with no timers or scores. You can even explore environments while arranging bookshelves or fixing cutlery and the sort. There's more than one solution to where items can go so there's a great creative liberty with how you display your knick knacks. The soundtrack is by BAFTA award-winning composer and audio director, Jeff van Dyke, and I have to say it's really quite impressive. 

      So if you're in need of some relaxing satisfying storage management, well good news! Unpacking launched just this November 2 and is available on Steam, Humble store and as part of Xbox Game Pass for PC.

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      Indie Retro News - Devil's Temple: Son Of The Kung Fu Master

      Indie Retro News - Devil's Temple: Son Of The Kung Fu Master

      Hey we're back with some more Indie Retro News comin’ your way. Get hyped!

      The Amiga OCS is coming up with a classic remaster that brings the action, excitement, and nostalgia in Devil's Temple: Son of the Kung-Fu Master!

      An improvement of the classic “Kung-Fu Master” that combines fun elements from other games, Devil’s Temple adds more levels to explore, more weapons to pick up, and more Kung-Fu moves to satisfy your craving for some good ol’ Hong Kong-style martial arts action!

      Graeme Cowie has been busy with updates in the past few months, and given what we’ve seen, this remaster is looking great. We can’t wait to see how things turn out!

      Will we be getting all that sweet martial arts action sooner, or later? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out! This has been Retro Indie News, Join our Discord and subscribe to our YouTube for more!

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News: Playdate & You Suck At Parking

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News: Playdate & You Suck At Parking

      Hey, there I'm back for more weekly gaming news.


      Today we start off with a console! Sure it's something to play games on but this one's a little different. Meet the Playdate : it's a yellow square console that's the size of a post-it pad made by the developers at Panic. It's got an a button, b button, d-pad, Wi-fi, bluetooth, usb-c charging port, a headphone jack, and the coolest part i think is a crank seriously a crank on the side that you use to control the games makes you think of the play date as an upgraded form of a fidget spinner right it's got a mono speaker and reflective black and white display works as a nice low power clock when you're not using it too now let's discuss the games on this pocket size console what's so unique about this is the season a whole season is 24 free games that cater to a lot of genres however you won't get them all at once you'll start to receive two games every week for a span of 12 weeks as they are sent to you over Wifi in the works also is a play date developer site where you will also be able to make your own playdate games the software will be free to download and side loading of games directly to your play date is easy which means you can also play games other people make in between game seasons I'm not quite finished on this panic has also made a play-date stereo dock that acts as a charger a stereo bluetooth speaker and a pen holder with a matching yellow pen all yours for pre-order at $179 so shall we make it a playdate I think.

      So I got a question for you would you rather suck at racing or parking? I'd rather suck at racing and prefer to be really good at You Suck At Parking. You suck at parking is a brand new racing game from happy volcano it's like American ninja meets fast and furious meets real life I'm not even close to joking the objective is to try and park your car into spaces as cleanly as possible the spaces aren't the ones you see in regular parking lots where they're all lined up nicely these spaces are either located on a cliff or ledge even in a slant position the catch is to only stop when you're sure to park on the space if you stop you won't be allowed to start the car again and some levels will have you on limited fuel like I said real life did i mention the obstacle courses yep you'll have slippery roads boosters jump pads swinging hammers ramps and even industrial fans making your parking all the more challenging you can customize your car pull off tricks like spinning mid-air and even drift you have to remember to not go too slow as your timer will jam up ruining your score watch out for the corners too because you might find yourself flying over the edge and costing you a life there will be a real life leaderboard which lets players try to beat each other's times the visuals on this game have a cartoony feel to it and the music i have to say is impressive both of which should make the experience all the more enjoyable something to really watch out for and put on your wish list youth second parking won the dev com indie awards 2021 as well as an honorable mention at the unfold games awards this year it launches next year for PC, XBOX, Playstation and Nintendo switch hopefully with this game we all become masters at parking.

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