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      Game Culture — pixel art

      #8DaysofPixelFeature - Day 2: Heir of the Dog

      #8DaysofPixelFeature - Day 2: Heir of the Dog

      Heir of the Dog is a hilariously British point & click adventure. After drinking his uncle's secret formula, Cummerbund Bandersnatch undergoes a monsterous transformation.  Discover the darker side of Victorian London in this British point & click comedy adventure.

      After a mysterious explosion over Victorian London, Cummerbund Bandersnatch (a likeable, if dim-witted twit) visits his uncle's laboratory and discovers an experimental new formula guaranteeing a "good time" for whoever drinks it. Seduced by the promises in his uncle's journal, Cummerbund decides that it is probably safe to drink and discovers his life will never be the same again.

      What may seem like a curse at first, leads Bandersnatch on a thrilling, love-torn adventure through the back alleys of Old London Town as he uncovers a sinister plot involving a secret society, the royal family, copious amounts of dog hair and his uncle at the very centre.

      Key features of Heir of the Dog, include:  

      • Hilarious dialogue and narrative

      • Atmospheric and nostalgic pixel art style

      • Play as man, beast or dog and experience the extra senses and dirty habits they entail

      • Manipulate time to solve puzzles and discover new abilities

      • Uncover Victorian London’s most mysterious secret society

      • Single player gameplay 

      • Choose between classic point & click or intuitive character-based movement

      Heir of the Dog is developed by Tall Story Games.

      All assets used in this blog belong to the rightful owner.

      Contact Tall Story Games via their website!

      Wishlist Heir of the Dog on Steam and watch the trailer here: 

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      #8DaysofPixelFeature - Day 1: Punch the Garden

      #8DaysofPixelFeature - Day 1: Punch the Garden

      Punch the Garden is a pixel-art action roguelike where you play as a young moustache entering the park. You discover that this is no ordinary park and everything inside it is trying to beat you, including the plants!

      Within the park, you will meet allies that will help you on your journey. Fight and level up to get stronger. As the saying goes, "a weak moustache cannot conquer the park!" Also, don't forget to stack up as many passive skills as you can!

      Game features:

      - a huge area within the park to explore
      - more than 50+ different passives to collect (at the moment. planning to hit 100!)
      - different variety of monsters to punch!
      - in depth passive skills systems that synergise with your active skills

      - roguelike playstyle! you only have 1 life!

      I do hope you enjoy punching the garden!

      Punch the Garden is developed by Devlawg.

      All assets used in this blog belong to the rightful owner.

      Contact Devlawg via their website!

      Wishlist Punch the Garden on Steam and watch the trailer here:

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      #8DaysOfPixelFeature - Day 6: Octopus City Blues

      #8DaysOfPixelFeature - Day 6: Octopus City Blues

      In a world of ice, the last human city is tearing itself apart. Explore the underbelly of a monstrous metropolis in a surreal adventure about everything and nothing.

      Octopus City Blues is a story-driven adventure game. It's the tale of cowardly tentacle trimmer Kaf Kafkaryan, who lives in a city built on an octopus. Plagued by recurring nightmares, Kaf stumbles upon dark secrets as the line between dream and reality begins to blur.

      With a unique pixel art aesthetic and a unique concept, Octopus City Blues blends various genres—placing emphasis on exploration, real-time daily simulation, and complex encounters that encourage multiple playthroughs.


      • Talk to people, make choices, and explore a unique world.
      • Interact with over unique 60 characters, each with their daily schedules and secrets.
      • Learn and spread gossip to unlock new story paths.
      • Manage your stress and reputation in tense encounters.

      Octopus City Blues is developed by Ghost in a Bottle. All assets used in this blog belong to the rightful owner.

      Contact them via their email:

      Check out Octopus City Blues' website. Follow Ghost in a Bottle on Twitter, and join their Discord or more updates and fun!

      Watch the trailer here: 

      #8DaysOfPixelFeature - Day 5: Nightmare Frames

      #8DaysOfPixelFeature - Day 5: Nightmare Frames

      Nightmare Frames is a supernatural thriller where you'll step into the shoes of Alan Goldberg, in the search for the scariest horror film of all time. An enthralling journey through the streets of the Hollywood of the 80s, a small haunted town, and even Hell itself.

      Alan Goldberg is a frustrated slasher movie screenwriter in the Hollywood of 1985 who feels his career is at a standstill, but his luck is about to change: Helen Westmore, an eccentric millionaire, will grant him anything he could wish for if he is able to find genius horror director Edward Keller's last, unpublished work, which is said to be the scariest film of all time.

      Alan will find his way amongst B-films production companies, VFX workshops, religious cults, and a small haunted town called Serena, the dark reputation of which began when Keller was last seen there.

      Key Features

      • Point & click adventure game solely based on inventory puzzles.
      • An investigative thriller that gets darker as you progress into the story. From ambient horror to the gory depths of Hell.

      • More than 80 playable locations, and 50 characters to interact with.
      • Original soundtrack by synthwave musician Stefano Rossi.

      • In Joe's Diner you'll be able to listen to SYNTHWAVE FM, where DJ Karen Johnson broadcasts licensed tracks by Heclysma, Decade Defector, Vincenzo Salvia and Self Delusion.

      • By the author of award-winning Urban Witch Story and Billy Masters Was Right.

      Nightmare Frames is developed by Postmodern Adventures. All assets used in this blog belong to the rightful owner.

      Contact them via their email: 

      Follow them on their Twitter for more updates and fun!

      Watch the trailer here:

      #8DaysOfPixelFeature - Day 4: An Amazing Wizard

      #8DaysOfPixelFeature - Day 4: An Amazing Wizard

      An Amazing Wizard is a story-driven RPG where you explore procedurally generated worlds to uncover the hidden truth. To do so you need to defeat many enemies, bosses included, with spells you created by enchanting them with unique upgrades or even merging.

      Play with over 250 Artifacts, 100+ Spells, and dozens of Magic Weapons to unlock and use. After every death, you'll respawn in a different world. There are no checkpoints... 

      • 7 PLAYABLE CHARACTERS - Unlock and play as one of the 7 Elemental Wizards. Each has its subclasses! 

      • 5 NONLINEAR LEVELS - Only 5 levels? Yes, but each time you die you will respawn in one of the four nature-inspired worlds and face other enemies based on the current biome.

      • HUGE SKILL TREES - Fill the world with more content, unlock new skills and weapons, or simply become stronger. 7 skill trees and 2 shops are ready to be explored. Demo is available now : )

      An Amazing Wizard is developed by Jakub Dąbrowski. All assets used in this blog belong to the rightful owner.

      Contact them via their email:

      Check their WebsiteTwitter, and Facebook! Join their Discord and follow them on Kickstarter!

      Watch the demo trailer here:

      Watch the gameplay trailer here: