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      New Retro Games for Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Gameboy,
      Dreamcast and more available at Hall C at Super Magfest 2024.
      Demos for dozens of upcoming and unreleased games available for attendees.

      Pittsburgh, PA (January 12, 2024) - Mega Cat Studios — an independent retro gaming company and publisher — announced today the new slate of games that will be present for Super Magfest 2024 in National Harbor, MD from Thursday, January 18 through through Sunday, January 21. The positively pixel publisher has helped to collect the best that the retro community has submitted to delight and excite the most authentic retro fans among us. Hands on demos include the following titles: OverObj, HaraForce, SkateCat, Witch n’ Wiz, Oratorio, Fire and Rescue, Astebros, Cosmo Knight ZiON, Nyghtmare the Ninth King, Fall From Space, Life’s Too Short GB, Life’s Too Short GB: A Christmas Spirit, Annihilator, Take It Racing 2, Pelusa Saga: Kaji's Trials, Shera & the 40 Thieves: Definitive Edition, Inspector Waffles Early Days, Total Extinction, Soko Banana, Xenocider, Shadow Gangs, and Courier.

      Attendees can go hands-on with each title from the Magfest Indie Retro 2024 line-up:

      • A top-down, tough-as-nails, bullet hell shooter for the Nintendo NES. Fight wave after wave of alien spaceships against all odds that will pump out firepower never before seen on the NES.
      • A top-down space shooter for the Nintendo NES where you defeat waves of enemies and massive bosses with your trusty battle pods and an all-new homing missile system. The latest entry in the Haradius saga!
      • Take control of an awesome skateboarding cat and prepare to face off against a horde of monsters unleashing chaos upon the world.
      • A brand new puzzle-platformer for the Nintendo Entertainment System! A young boy has been kidnapped by a Dark Sorceress! It's up to his best friend, a young Witch, to rescue him but it won't be easy! Over 100 levels of brain-melting puzzles stand between the two, and it's up to you solve them all!
      • Oratorio is a rhythm action rail-shooter developed for the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System. Primarily inspired by games like Rez, Child of Eden, and Thumper. Oratorio is a unique on-rails rhythmic shooter where players create the music of the game through interaction with the game's systems, like shooting enemies, projectiles, and powerups. Everything players do contributes to the soundscape in this innovative retro music shooting game.
      • Fire and Rescue is a 1-2 player single-screen platformer in the style of the NES Black Box series. In this game, players control fire-fighters as they race against the clock to put out fires and rescue civilians.
      • Astebros is a roguelite game about the beginnings of the kingdom of Asteborg! Choose your hero among three different characters and go through procedural dungeons to eliminate your formidable opponents!
      • During a vacation trip with his partner, Zion gets involved in an invasion of androids from space; in his desperation to find his partner, Zion is confronted with a Cosmo Knight, discovering in the process that he possesses a strange power capable of dealing with the androids from space, with the help of the cosmic armor he will try to stop them and rescue humanity.
      • The forgotten Kingdom of Mortemire reappeared centuries later, seemingly out of nowhere, it was at this point that a young woman named Aryn awoke alongside the Kingdom, and surprisingly, she seemed unaffected by the unknown call. With only an iron whip as a weapon, Aryn must make her way through the decaying streets and unravel the mystery that is the Kingdom and its calls.
      • Fall from Space is a non-linear open world ARPG for the Gameboy, with an epic story spanning a solar system.
      • Multiple worlds to explore inside your Gameboy, with side quests, unique encounters, secrets and upgrades.
      • Combines Metroidvanian platforming action with an open world RPG.
      • Designed and developed by a Solo Developer to run on the original Gameboy with enhanced effects and experience when run in a Gameboy Color, GBA/SP or Analogue Pocket.
      • An original story to uncover with multiple endings, a karma system and choices that impact the world and it's inhabitants around you.
      • A little ghost is called in to settle a marital feud between two vampires. Explore a mansion, meet unique characters and leave things in a better place than you found them!
      • A top-down point-and-click style game in which a little ghost is called back to the vampire mansion to help get little baby Vlad have a successful first Christmas...
      • Sci-fi Top Down Arena Shooter.In the future, no one has rights to their own body. The weak and sick are swallowed up into an unmerciful machine driven by corporate profit. Even after death, the body is reused for products, services, and war. You are Shinryu, an ex-marine and activist, fighting against this system. One such corporation, CRUSH, has become a formidable foe. They manufacture enhanced soldiers from the living, and dead and they have caught up to you. Taking your family, your life, and your body.
      • Take It Racing 2 is a pseudo racing game built around stats. Each race is split into sections, you must decide how to race to shave off precious time and win the upper hand.
      • Take on the role of Kaji and save the Pelusa! In the land of Lobo, there lives a race of humanoid foxes known as the Pelusa. When a dark evil known as the Guardians rises in Lobo, a young Pelusa named Kaji must take up his blade and thwart them. Select from over 200 quests, each with unique map layouts, item locations, and enemy spawns.
      • Shera & the 40 Thieves is an arcade-style platformer designed and playable for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). Traverse treacherous traps and monsters in this screen by screen action-platformer, where you find yourself trying to collect keys and open the path to the next screen - all while the 40 Thieves hurl knives in your direction, and Shera's time slowly ticks away! Can you save her in time?
      • Inspector Waffles Early Days is a new game for Game boy color and PC, it's the prequel of Inspector Waffles, the adventure/detective game released in 2021. This time, follow Waffles in his first days as an Inspector and prove to everyone that you are more than just a rookie. Find clues, interrogate suspects, report to your partner and solve cases!
      • Asteroid hit the earth and caused an extinction event, but not all dinosaurs died. Grim reaper dino is tasked to finish the job and hunt down the last living dinosaurs.
      • Built on the classic idea of Sokoban, Soko Banana introduces a bunch of new game elements to add to the challenge. You visit banana warehouses on different islands, and the main goal is to get all the banana crates in each level to the exit, using the environment to your advantage while avoiding any traps and pitfalls.
      • Xenocider is a third-person rail shooter inspired by arcade classics and presented in nostalgic 32-bit style!
      • Shadow Gangs combines fast-paced ninja action, challenging gameplay, and stunning visuals for an unforgettable gaming adventure.
      • Courier is a cyberpunk adventure game for your Nintendo Entertainment System, the original NES! Waking up in a hotel with no recollection of what's happening or who you are, you must act quickly to make it out of the building with your life! Take on jobs, hack computers, and arm yourself with upgrades to take down the evil corporation Ankh Industries and save the City.

      About Mega Cat Studios

      Mega Cat Studios is a creative first retro gaming company based out of Pittsburgh, PA that focuses on fun, accessible fandom that brings pixels to the masses. The company is passionate about creating a positive slice of retro for the gaming community with a focus on supporting developers and delivering the unique content genre fans crave. Mega Cat Studios titles include WrestleQuest, Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood, Lethal Wedding, Bite the Bullet, Coffee Crisis and more.


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