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      Community Building The Cat Way



      If we’re picking a single center of the Mega Cat ethos, it’s not pixel art. It’s not humor, scrappiness, tech or style. It's our culture.

      Internally, we hire slowly for our full time cats, insisting that they’re set up for success by sharing the vision that we do for who we are, and what we want to do as a company.

      Client-facing, we’re excited to have grown and established our brand as one that can quickly identify if we’ll be a good mutual fit for a project.

      Increasing Prosperity With POSITIVITY

      Our customers are the most engaged and loyal that any cat could ask for.  Whether they’re supporting development efforts by participating in group testing on our Discord, or pledging their retro allegiance by supporting independent, brick and mortar game stores in 2019, they are the fuel to the fire of what we are proud to have become. 

      This stems from our team, and our community. Now, we're calling all outside cats and content creators..

      • WE.
      • Will schedule social posts to send traffic to your scheduled stream..
      • Will create graphics, logos, and cat art, if you’d like, targeted to your stream.
      • Will give you keys to give away to your audience who support.
      • Will promote your stream to our friends and followers across all digital properties, events we attend, and corners of the internet we go to.
      • Will give you exclusive access, early, to games in development. . 
      • Will provide you with affiliate links to be paid for your efforts.  
      • YOU.
      • Set aside one hour per month, & share the VOD with our developers and team members for feedback.
      • Will be good to your community, providing a friendly place for cats to land and feel comfortable.  


      Let's amplify the signal for one another. Help us build games as we help build your audience, together. Let's build & celebrate what we want to bring into the gaming world, together. 


      want to chat more?