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      Based in Pittsburgh, PA, Mega Cat Studios is a creative first video game developer with a retro ethos and a culture of innovation. Since 2017, we’ve boasted a 90%+ retention rate for our team members. We think that this indicates a proven track record to promote from within, elevate team members with professional development opportunities, and create a work environment that is fulfilling on several levels.

      Our company culture is built around core creative and people-first values. We invite the strongest cat soldiers from all corners of the world to come play, battle, and create with us. Your quest starts here.

      We’re looking for full-time roles to sit at the center of our growing team. We pride ourselves on being deeply collaborative, and are considering all experience levels from hobbyist and superfan to veteran.

      Do you have a love for gaming, cats, and people? Come help us manage and launch new player experiences, and shape the culture of game publishing at Mega Cat.

      • Good communication and organization skills
      • Polished interpersonal skills that put people first while meeting objectives 
      • No previous production work necessary, but being organized, proactive, and empathetic is a must
      • Ability to work with teams with a wide range of backgrounds and ways to collaborate 
      • Open-minded taste in games encouraged 
      • Candidates from underrepresented groups strongly encouraged to apply

      Mega Cat Studios is proudly built in Pittsburgh, PA. Rich with Academia, Technology and an incredible cost of living, we’ve proudly been ranked a top 3 Most Livable City for over a decade.

      Pittsburgh is a fraction of the cost of living of New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, Seattle, Raleigh and nearly every other tech hub across the United States.

      Come explore our culture, food, and sports in a region where you can own a home with your salary at Mega Cat Studios. Lay new roots in an old city that’s welcoming and packed with personality.


      How do I apply?

      Email your resume to using the button below to

      Can I apply if there aren’t any openings for the discipline I’m most skilled at?

      Yes! We receive applications when we’re casting a wider net, but more often than not we are using our existing Applicant Pool, referrals, and local games professors throughout Pittsburgh for candidates.

      What can I do to make a stronger impact with my application?

      Commercial experience and genre expertise is more important to us than anything else. When you’re earlier in your career, showing is better than telling: hobbyist, academic projects, and links that we can explore tell the best story.

      Do I need a games resume or a certain degree to apply?

      Not necessarily! Several of our strongest cats have backgrounds in healthcare, finance, or even construction. What they all share is a unified passion for gaming, a work ethic that feels catty, and the goal of building a career in gaming.


      Your integrity is fundamental to your character. You’re curious, decisive, and bring more hustle than talk to each project. You take initiative, perpetually seek new knowledge, and aim to emulate best practices from experts within and outside of the studio and incorporate them into your work. You treat your team with respect, and make an effort to elevate others as we raise the pixel tides. You have a passion for gaming that excites those around you, and pushes you to hone your skills further. You understand how your work affects your team as well as the experience you are building. You are player-centric, and want to build a legacy for yourself, and cats globally, that we can be proud of.

      You value communication, relationships and growth. You are people-oriented, love collaborating in a team environment, and can work outside of your comfort zone. You can think big, move fast, and you’re comfortable challenging the old ways.



      The Marketing Manager is responsible for leading brand and product marketing campaigns across assigned titles within the Mega Cat Studios universe to deliver cat-class campaigns. Bring the games to players where you'll create/execute go-to-market plans that build brand awareness, engage consumers, and drive conversions through thoughtful brand storytelling, data-driven insights, and creative innovation – all grounded in a consumer-centric integrated marketing approach.



      Monitor project progress, team wellness, and needs. Work with team leads on prioritizing publishing workload, and bringing in other parts of MCS as needed. Assist with every part of the game publishing process, from design and planning to supporting marketing and release. Anticipate and evaluate production risks, and create plans to overcome them.



      Attend and run meetings with team members and partners. Establish sprint plans with developers and create Gantt charts. Make recommendations or accommodations for any changes in project scope, schedule and/or budget. Maintain task management software. Agile experience preferred.

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      You have an eye for design, and a mind for optimization. Experience with Unity-based pipelines is required. You will help our artists to realize the effects & visuals from the concept art, while keeping performance in mind. High- and low-level rendering optimisations such as overdraw reduction, custom post-processing effects, GPU based effects, hardware instancing and more. Creation of materials & effects via shader(-graph) & optimisation of existing shaders.



      Senior and Junior roles are available spanning a number of specialities and disciplines such as AI, architecture, gameplay programming, and more. Candidates must have at least one personal project that demonstrates gameplay sensibilities to apply. C# experience is required. Visual Studio experience expected for all applicants. Priority given to applicants with commercial project experience, but indies encouraged to apply.



      Prepare your pixels and turn up the chiptunes: we're hiring for pixel artists. The ideal candidate has a love for this timeless art style and is flexible with everything ranging from character animation to backgrounds and more. Design assets, animations, and collaborate with a team of cats dedicated to the craft. Ensure that your work aligns with the game’s themes and narrative, while incorporating feedback to improve your designs.



      We like our games dripping with juice! VFX Specialists candidates should have a demonstrated competency in Unity. Bring the visual feedback with experience creating particle effects, lighting pipelines, shadergraphs, and more. Experience with After Effects, Blender, and animation is nice to have but not required. Help amplify the pop and wow moments with our team!



      Build levels using in-engine tools. Use your gameplay sensibilities to build game level content, whether that’s the greybox or final revisions. This role can include the more creatively-driven aspects, such as set dressing, as well as the more game design-centric, mechanical design focus. In this way, some level-designers can be more progression and mechanically oriented, while others may be more focused on story-telling and immersion through level design.



      A content designer brings game sensibilities to the table without engineering capabilities. Work along sub-teams to build content that fills our worlds. An example of a content designer workflow is as follows: A brawler would include a “Combat Designer”, “Item Designer”, and “AI Designer”. Content designers specialize in making a specific type of content using tools provided by the team. Experience in Unity is required, but no programming skills need to be applied.



      We are seeking a talented Advanced UI/UX Game Artist to work on projects ranging from online worlds and handheld games to themed interactive attractions. Team experience is essential, as is the ability to be self-directed and be able to prioritize workloads efficiently.

      Our ideal candidate will have the ability to handle both technical and artistic issues during game development, as well as be able to work quickly in a team atmosphere with schedules and reliable milestone delivery. Passion for precise and usable interface design and the ability to reach a wide range of styles within the media are crucial.

      This candidate should have previous experience working within Photoshop, Illustrator and game engines to create fully functioning and navigable game UI and menu systems. Applicant is expected to have the ability to work with designers and game engineers to both communicate and implement these systems in-game.


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