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      Enter the #RetroRumble!
      SEGA VS. NINTENDO: Choose Your
      Retro Warrior!

      Prepare to reignite the epic console wars in the ultimate showdown between Sega and Nintendo fans. Welcome to #RetroRumble, where the greatest rivalry in gaming history comes to life.

      What is #RetroRumble?

      #RetroRumble isn't just an event – it's a celebration of retro gaming at its finest. Imagine fans from every corner, adorned in their favorite gaming gear, rallying behind their beloved consoles. It's a chance to relive those legendary gaming moments and reignite the passion that brought us all together.

      How Can You Join?

      Joining #RetroRumble is a breeze! Dust off your Nintendo or Sega Genesis gear, channel your inner wrestling superstar, and record a promo declaring your allegiance. Are you TEAM S (#BlastBrigade) or TEAM N (#PixelPlatoon)?
      Let your voice be heard!

      Use a Specific Frame to Represent Your Stand!

      TS - Reels_1 (1).gif__PID:b89fce51-7e68-457e-8a98-246cce32c22eTN - Reels (cut) (1).gif__PID:4a98246c-ce32-422e-bfe5-8229a88a5b1b
      MC_Buttons (team S).png__PID:b12f4370-ca66-4740-bef1-08d68cbcb85eMC_Buttons(team N).png__PID:4370ca66-6740-4ef1-88d6-8cbcb85ec354
      Team S.gif__PID:d92f24ee-1988-478b-aa48-ad4d83db9ef3
      Team N.gif__PID:24ee1988-578b-4a48-ad4d-83db9ef38716
      MC_Buttons (team S).png__PID:b12f4370-ca66-4740-bef1-08d68cbcb85e
      MC_Buttons(team N).png__PID:4370ca66-6740-4ef1-88d6-8cbcb85ec354
      TS - Reels_1 (1).gif__PID:b89fce51-7e68-457e-8a98-246cce32c22e
      MC_Buttons (team S).png__PID:b12f4370-ca66-4740-bef1-08d68cbcb85e
      TN - Reels (cut) (1).gif__PID:4a98246c-ce32-422e-bfe5-8229a88a5b1b
      MC_Buttons(team N).png__PID:4370ca66-6740-4ef1-88d6-8cbcb85ec354

      Share your epic promo on social media with the hashtag #RetroRumble and stand alongside fellow gamers in this epic showdown.

      Reveal Your Allegiance via Instagram Stories!

      On Instagram, visit @megacatstudios and check out our highlight section, “Retro Rumble.” Select the template that aligns with your allegiance – whether you're TEAM S or TEAM N – then tap "Add Yours" to share your video (or photo) and join the #RetroRumble showdown! Don’t forget to tag us, too!

      Ultimo Panda Shared His Stand!

      Ultimo Panda shared his fiery take on Sega vs. Nintendo. He’s Team S, and he's definitely hyped about the release of Rocket Panda, a new rocket-fueled adventure on the Mega Drive / Sega Genesis.


      Do you agree with Ultimo Panda's take?
      Let your stand be known, and join #RetroRumble now!


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