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      Kudzu is now sprouting to the Game Boy and Nintendo Switch!

      Kudzu is now sprouting to the Game Boy and Nintendo Switch!

      The Leafy Adventure is Now Invading on Game Boy and Nintendo Switch!


      [Pittsburgh, PA] April 5th, 2024 – Pie For Breakfast Studios, in collaboration with publishers Mega Cat Studios and 8bit- Legit, is thrilled to announce the highly-anticipated full release of Kudzu, available today, April 5th, on both Gameboy and Nintendo Switch platforms.

      Kudzu invites players to embark on a captivating journey filled with mystery, danger, and discovery. As Max, the apprentice gardener, players must navigate through treacherous landscapes overrun by the enigmatic kudzu plant to save their mentor, Zoen, from its clutches. With its non-linear gameplay, masterful storytelling, and captivating visuals, Kudzu promises an unforgettable gaming experience for players of all ages.

      Key Features of Kudzu Include:

      • Explore diverse environments, from ruined fields to lush forests, in your quest to unravel the mysteries of the kudzu plant.
      • Master a variety of gardening tools, including machetes and hoes, to clear your path and fend off menacing creatures.
      • Encounter a colorful cast of characters and engage in epic battles against formidable foes, including giant bugs and living plants.
      • Uncover the secrets of the kudzu maze and discover the true origins of this invasive plant.

      "We are beyond excited to bring Kudzu to both the Gameboy and Nintendo Switch platforms," said Mina Figueroa, Marketing Lead at Mega Cat Studios. "With its rich storyline, challenging puzzles, and nostalgic gameplay, we believe Kudzu will resonate with gamers old and new alike."

      Kudzu is available for purchase in both physical and digital formats on the Gameboy and Nintendo Switch platforms. Don't miss your chance to experience this one-of-a-kind adventure – grab your copy of Kudzu today and embark on an epic journey like no other!

      For more information about Kudzu and where to purchase, please visit Mega Cat Studios and or follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for the latest news and updates.

      About Mega Cat Studios:

      Mega Cat Studios is an independent video game development studio dedicated to creating retro-inspired games for modern platforms. With a passion for pixel art and classic gameplay mechanics, Mega Cat Studios aims to deliver unforgettable gaming experiences that capture the essence of gaming's golden age.



      WEEKY DOSE OF GAMING NEWS: Doom, RetCon Ghostly Capers, AYANEO Flip KB

      WEEKY DOSE OF GAMING NEWS: Doom, RetCon Ghostly Capers, AYANEO Flip KB

      So, Halloween just wrapped up, but we thought you'd like to know about a couple of horror-themed old-school games and a somewhat spooky update on an upcoming retro console. We may not have the scariest tricks, but we definitely have a few treats for you to sink your teeth into. So, light up a jack o lantern and sit tight for this week's scoop. Let's go. 


      Fun fact: Doom was never officially released on the ZX Spectrum or any other system then. This is because Doom was pretty much a technological marvel that came much later. The good news for anyone who wants a retro Doom experience because Digital Reality is bringing it to the ZX Spectrum 128K.

      We currently have a demo which looks pretty sweet with a retro aesthetic. Originally released as a TR-DOS disc back in 1996, it's pretty sweet to see such a classic horror shooter get a nice reverse makeover. Still, there's a lot of work to do if Digital Reality wants to make this version of Doom a complete reality.

      The game itself can be very demanding in terms of computer memory usage, and they've experienced a few crashes here and there. Still, the playable demo is a nice start, and we're all hyped to see how far they can go.  


      As we move on to creepy games with pumpkins, ghouls, and ghosts, has just what the Plague Doctor ordered. Microchops is bringing us a sweet arcade platformer for the ZX Spectrum named RetCon Ghostly Capers

      The game sees you dodging ghostly traps, finding hidden items, and exploring the floor before everyone arrives at Superhero Steve's retro convention. Yes, you heard it right. We've got a haunted convention on our hands.  The venue is chock full of angry ghosts and ghouls who aren't too fond of Superhero Steve or his little event.

      So they decided to stash all the awesome retro gear, lock them in gates, and throw away the key. Now, this is where you come in. So, if you're looking to attend a major event from the comfort of your home while getting spooked, then maybe RetCon Ghostly Capers will tickle your fancy.  

      AYA Neo FLIP KB.

      Speaking of spooky stuff, there's nothing more terrifying than some supposedly good news turning out to be a hoax. Like the recent leaks about the AYA Neo flip not being real. Now hold your horses, though, because thankfully, that's not the case here. Phew! AYA Neo owner and CEO Arthur Zhang officially confirmed that the AYA Neo Flip DS is indeed a real thing. Yes, the unique dual-screen device is an actual AYA Neo product, and it's currently in the works.

      Since we're talking about some fresh news, there isn't much to go around when it comes to the Flip DS. That being said, the closest we can compare it to is the AYA Neo Flip KB., which features a 7-inch display, an AMD Ryzen 7 CPU, and Radeon 700 ADM integrated graphics. The only difference is, instead of a keyboard, we get a second screen a la Nintendo 3DS.


      The Flip KB is a pretty powerful portable device in its own right, and it's interesting to see how they'll work in the navigation controls without a keyboard. This may not sit well with some users, but it's way too early to draw any conclusions. We all know AYA Neo's on the grind with pumping out quality devices, so it's best to wait and see.

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      WEEKLY DOSE OF GAMING NEWS: Death Rally, Star Wars: Dark Forces, TJDT 101

      WEEKLY DOSE OF GAMING NEWS: Death Rally, Star Wars: Dark Forces, TJDT 101

      To keep things consistent every week, we'll mix things up more often than usual. This means bringing you the latest retro gaming news from across the board and also giving you the 4-1-1 on some of the newest retro consoles. After all, these go hand in hand. More consoles, more action-packed games to play. No matter how strange these consoles may be. 2 new Amiga ports and an interesting console coming up. So if you’re curious, stick around!


      First up, we got a new Amiga port of a car crashing, high-octane classic, brought to us by BSzili. It's a brand new 1.0 version of Death Rally, a top-down racing game originally developed by the ever-popular Remedy Entertainment. While you'd assume it's a run-of-the-mill racing game with an edgy title, it's way more intense than you think.

      Death Rally takes players to a world where you not only have to win the race, but you also have to annihilate your opponents. With both driving skills and the racetrack itself, you'll take down the competition one by one before facing the undefeated master, the adversary. It's not all about the race, as you'll find yourself making deals with the shadiest individuals to get the cash necessary to build the ultimate death rally machine.

      It's all about playing the game and not just driving headfirst into your enemy. If you're interested, all you need is a working Amiga with the proper specs to give everyone at the death rally a run for their money. So happy trails, and don't get totalled.


      BSzili strikes again with yet another awesome Amiga port. This time we go from death race to outer space in a galaxy far, far away. We are looking at an Amiga port of the Star Wars FPS game Dark Forces, a game developed and published by Lucas Arts, originally released in 1995 for MS DOS and Macintosh. So talk about a classic.

      Regarding development, BSzili based this Native Port of Dark Forces on the Force Engine. And while there was already a 68K Mac version of Dark Forces, there wasn't much info to go around. For the Amiga port, Bszili had to strip away most of the forest engine's new features but didn't have much trouble later on. Just like before, this Amiga port is readily available on any working console. So if you want to be that stormtrooper that never misses, it is best to check out the Star Wars retro classic. 

      TJD T101

      Last but not least console time! Now we've had some nice retro console releases in the INAO and some modern releases in the ASUS ROG Ally. Well, it looks like a certain meteor won't be denied as they release their own quirky console. The TJD T101.

      Given its rather strange shape, a lot of people on Discord thought it was a prank. Meteor Rich quickly debunked this by dropping their entire showcase. The very chunky TJDT 101 features a huge 10.1 inch, 1920 by 1200, full HD display with a 60-hertz refresh rate. So by today's standards, we're looking at an iPad with buttons. That's wild. 

      Well, it does look kind of weird. We can't deny its specs on paper, its sports an AMD Phoenix Ryzen 7 7480U, which is pretty impressive for a handheld. Still, we need more info to drop before we consider it a worthy opponent to the consoles in the current market. But that design, though, really, that's wild.

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      WEEKLY DOSE OF GAMING NEWS: Doom, Far After, VanillaBeast Retro Knockout

      WEEKLY DOSE OF GAMING NEWS: Doom, Far After, VanillaBeast Retro Knockout

      Now this month of July is in full swing, and while things may have slowed down a teensy bit around the world of gaming, you all know the retro machine just stays on that steady grind. Yes, the news will keep coming, and the games will just keep releasing.

      We've had our fair share of faithful fan remakes, and this week we'll be taking a look at a few. From a less flashy yet equally badass version of a classic to a handheld nostalgia trip to an action-packed parody that doesn't pull its punches. All that, and a bag of potato chips.


      We've covered our fair share of FPS classics that have found a few retro remakes and ports. This time, we're taking an unexpected look at a popular classic that found its way onto the Atari 8-bit. It looks like everyone's favorite Demon Slayer is going even more retro with Doom for the Atari XL and XE.

      An awesome new port by Krzysztof Swiecicki. You'll be excited to know that this version of Doom has been rewritten to ASM, optimized, fixed, and much more. This is essentially a retro port of the original Doom for the VIC 20 by Steve Mccrea this year. While it does have to make the necessary adjustments, like trimming down a few levels, you still get the original enemies and the weapons necessary to blast them back to their demonic realm.

      This remake also features 11 music tracks and 20 sound effects converted from the original Doom files, cheat codes, map panning, zooming, and intermission and victory screens. Everything you've learned and love about Doom, but with Atari's sensibilities. So if you feel like the original Doom wasn't retro enough, this version might help you scratch that demonic retro itch.


      Now on to something original but brimming with inspiration. If you're a fan of the OG Game Boy Color, then Bitmap Soft just might have a pleasant surprise for you. Having published some incredible games over the years, like Black Dawn Rebirth and Turbo Tomato, they've set their sights on the Game Boy Color with a physical limited collector's edition of Far After, an awesome new ARPG by Brent Lattery.

      Yes, you heard it right. This is a limited edition physical game cartridge that won't have another run once it sells out. For those wondering, Far After is an ARPG that harkens back to the hybrid platformers of old. Of course, you can level up, upgrade gear, and explore a world filled with magic monsters, and secrets will only unfold once you get your hands on this game.

      It's a character driven adventure that combines platforming, combat, classic storytelling, and some nice animated cutscenes. All in all, the game offers about four hours of gameplay to experience both story and side content. While that may seem short, there's some replayability to be had, and at the end of the day, we all want that in our games.

      Aside from the game itself, the Far After Limited Collector's Edition also features a collector's coin, a credit card shaped memory stick filled with assets and the game ROM, an A3 poster, A4 art cards, a specially designed slipcase, and a whole lot more. So if you're keen on getting your hands on something tangible, and collectible. This just might be for you. 


      Now we get back to something more action-packed, something that involves some sanctioned punches to the face. Vanilla Gaming Studio is releasing a parody of an absolute boxing classic entitled VanillaBeast Retro Knockout. This is their love letter to the retro hits of the late 80s and early 90s, as it promises to deliver all the classic charm and genuine gameplay challenges everyone remembers from back in the day.

      Vanilla Gaming's creative director Neil Herron cites his love for 80s and 90s classic arcade games as his inspiration for bringing back this particular classic, but in a modern and mature parody. In the game, you step into the gloves of an aspiring young boxer, as you meet a roster of challenging opponents and larger-than-life villains on your fight to the top.

      It's all about studying their patterns, exploiting their vulnerabilities, and strategizing your way to victory. While having, of course, a lot of fun. If you were a fan of the classic, you might just need to shake off the ring rust. If you're a brand new fighter, well, you might have not the easiest time getting punched in the face.

      Players can expect some nice retro-style gameplay with modern animation and game design. There's much to explore in the game as you train yourself at the gym. Challenge over 30 different boxers and experience some nice, hilarious twists on popular indoor and outdoor venues. They said this game was a parody, and boy did they go all out.

      With a great deal of attention and effort into the narrative, music, and audio of Retro KO, you'll definitely get a kick out of this nostalgia trip. So, if you want to blow off some steam, bash a couple of skulls, and have a few laughs, best to check out Vanilla Beast Retro Knockout.

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      Deflemask Showcase with Mega Cat Studios!

      Deflemask Showcase with Mega Cat Studios!

      Not enough chip tunes in your life? Well, you've come to the right place. Let's jump right in. 

      Click on the GIFs to hear the masterpieces our creators made!

      Last Messiah by Carina

      The Aleste series games are vertical shoot-em-ups that started in the early nineties but received a surprise third instalment in 2020, alongside its collection release on modern consoles. This cover takes a simple and exciting song from wave two and really gives it a robust upgrade that will leave you feeling out of this world. 

      Carnival Night Zone Act 1 Reimagined by CartoonsAnimate 

      This is Proto Carnival Night Zone Act 1. This is a reimagining of the original song from the Sonic 3 prototype, and it adds a very enjoyable amount of fun and flare. The prototype version of the game was only discovered as recently as 2019, and with a good soundtrack, it's truly worthy of being called a hidden gem.

      Steam Gardens by Matt J Hart

      Next, it's time for a retro makeover of a modern piece. This Super Mario Odyssey is an arcade mode remake keeps the funky surf rock feel of the original piece. And still differentiates itself beautifully from even the eight-bit version that's in the game as well. The wooded kingdom's gardening robots would love jamming out to an amazing chiptune like this one. And so would you.

      Sky Sanctuary Zone by 4sythe

      This piece from Sonic Three and Knuckles has always been full of excitement and wonder. But with this upgrade, they've really elevated it to new heights. Let this song take you on the high flying adventure of a lifetime. 

      Forest Funk by Matt J Hart

      Here's a cover of Forest Funk from Super Meat Boy. The dark and moody feel of the Mega Drive chipset really adds an extra air of mystery and intrigue to this one. If you're looking to go on a quest to rescue your 16-bit girlfriend, then this song has you covered.

      Tetris Type B by Evan Shenfield

      It feels like everyone knows the classic Tetris theme, but far fewer know this one. This cover uses the Mega Drive chipset and expands it to much more potential. Get ready to throw this piece on a loop for a long puzzle-solving extravaganza.

      Blizzard Turbine by RandomTomato Music

      This is an original piece from Norteca OST, and it's called Blizzard Turbine. They used the Famicon chipset to create an incredibly catchy and action-packed tune with a futuristic feel. This song is guaranteed to be a great addition to any chiptune playlist.

      Battle In The Shaft by Delta 225

      This original piece was done as a commission with only a single image as the inspiration. Its fast-paced, metal-type vibe is intense, chaotic, and absolutely incredible.

      OP As Heck by Ethan Quach

      This is an original piece made for the Genesis that uses dynamic baselines and chord progression to create an almost pop-punk feel. All of the instruments come together to make a song that is incredibly upbeat and charming from beginning to end.

      Watch the video here:

      Before you go, do you like chiptunes? Cats? Maybe Mimi or the Sega Genesis? Well, if you do, let's have a catjam together! Join us on Discord and subscribe to us on YouTube