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      Get ready to sharpen your blades once more as the Log Jammers Tournament is back!

      Once again, we are opening the arena for competitive and energetic participants to duel and become the last jammer standing. Compete in different funky arenas and unleash your character’s unique special throw to get past your opponents. Show off your chopping skills to an eager audience and earn some sweet loot!

      Prepare yourselves for a lightning-fast, razor-sharp, axe-throwing action! Think you are as hard as wood? You'd better be because these jammers are tough and the smack-talking never stops!

      Double Elimination

      2/3 Rounds per Game

      2/3 Games per Match

      • 11 points per round, 2/3 rounds per game.
      • River for the first game.
      • Loser can pick a new character/stage.
      • No character/stage choice for the winner.
      • No repeat stages per match.
      • Standard Game Mode.
      • All participants must register online on in advance of the tournament date through
      • Entry into the tournament after the registration period expires is generally not allowed, but ultimately at the discretion of the TO.
      • There is a limit of one registration per game. Any player who has registered more than once for any tournament is subject to DQ.
      • All participants must have their Discord account linked to their account. You can do so from here. In addition, all participants must be in the Mega Cat Studios Discord Server #LogJammer Channel by the time the check-in of their games has started.
      • All participants should have a discord account name in the Discord that is similar or identical to your account name. This allows us to accurately find players when missing for matches, in need of conflict resolution, or any other case of urgency to the TO(s).

      Is your axe-throwing skill quick enough to get past your opponent?