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      News — sega genesis music

      Deflemask December Showcase

      Deflemask December Showcase

      It's a new year. The holidays are over, and winter weather is in full swing, so there's no better time to find some fresh new tracks for your 2023 playlists. So buckle up and we're going for another round of showcasing artists from both Soundcloud and YouTube who work in Deflemask!

      Click on the GIFs to hear the masterpieces our creators made!

      Vain Aspirations by subpxls

      Frequently in subpxls work, there are callbacks to songs from other games, and this one is no different. Keep an ear out for references to pieces from Atrium Odyssey, Cross Code, and Grand Knight's history, as well as a few others. This piece has a calming melody that is reminiscent of daily life in a far-off fantasy land. Put this on your playlist while you make some new memories and adventures of your own this year.

      Memories by Zeir the Fox

      It's time to shift the vibe with this next piece called Midnight Memories by Zeir the Fox. The mysterious tones in this piece and the incredible baseline really set the tone for an exciting adventure or a late-night mission. So whether you're battling aliens on a captured space station or sneaking across the rooftops to deliver a secret message, this Genesis-inspired piece has got you covered.

      Mecha Green Hill Zone by Evan Shenfield 

      Evan Shenfield has brought us back to hang out with our pal Sonic once again, this piece is a 16-bit remix of Mecca Green Hill Zone from Sonic Chaos using the Mega Drive Chipset in Deflemask. This song is incredibly robust compared to the original and is definitely an amazing upgrade. It would be perfect in a remake and fantastic to listen to on a loop as well.

      Jumping Finn by Maximus 

      Maximus is making their debut on our list today with a simple Deflemask cover from Jumping Finn. It's an adventure time game by Cartoon Network that is nostalgic for many fans of the show. This is a fun and peppy song just like the show and this cover really adds to it quite nicely while giving it somehow an even more retro feel.

      Black Metal Courage II by Newcanaanite 

      Let's mix things up again with Newcanaanite and their piece called Black Metal Courage II. It's a funky and exciting piece with a lot of styles and added player. Consider adding this to a workout playlist or just as something to play on a loop while you work on your goals in this new year to give you all the motivation you'll need.

      Lava Rock by Ethan Quach 

      This is a short and intense song that has their signature kick drum pattern, and an incredible guitar solo near the end. Lava Monsters beware because this song has all the inspiration you need to win a fiery victory.

      The Game Boy Militia Marches Fourth with Toy Weapons by Hunter Van Brocklin 

      It was made for Battle of the Bits during their advent calendar event last month. The requirements were that a song would be made each day based on a new prompt and format. This particular one was made using the Deflemask Game Boy Chip Set. It has an incredible, unique, and ominous feel, which lends itself well to the visual of a toy army going on the attack. 

      Electro Sakura by Yuncom BGM Channel 

      It's made in Deflemask and is inspired by the idea of an arcade-style horizontal shooter. The melody is short, but super upbeat and fun and would be great for grouping in the background as you blast your way through level after level.

      A Dark Sickness by RevvoBolt

      This moody piece has an incredible baseline and a fantastic progression that keeps you guessing about what will happen next. Give this mysterious piece a try for yourself.

      Check out the video here:

      Oh before you go, do you like chiptunes? Cats? Maybe Mimi or the Sega Genesis? Well, if you do, let's have a catjam together! Join us on Discord and subscribe to us on YouTube

      Deflemask September Showcase

      Deflemask September Showcase


      Up for a musical ride? Hop in! For today, we're showcasing artists from both Soundcloud and YouTube who work in Deflemask!

      Click on the pictures to hear the masterpieces they made!


      Insect Level by Tobikomi

      This fun piece was made for a game called Do the Same by Rico59. Do the same is a SEGA Master system-style puzzle game involving picture matching of many different types of objects. This particular song is for the insect-themed level, but there are others involving fruit, flowers, and more. The poppy melody is the perfect puzzle-solving motivation.


      Network Transfer 2020 by subpxl

      Subpxl has given us another amazing track with lots of nods to the series we all know and love. It includes inspiration from games like Megaman Battle Network, Megaman X five, Cross Code, Kuro no Kiseki, and Sora no Kiseki FC, among others. Their Genesis era tracks like this never disappoint.


      Speed Demon - Michael Jackson by Diggo Silva 

      This is a Deflemask cover and arrangement. It would absolutely be a great addition to any road trip playlist. And if a retro racing or GTA-esque game were to be made based on the music video, this cover would set the perfect mood.


      Lordess of the Flies by RRThiel

      Are you ready for another track from the new indie shoot 'em up Stellanova? Last month we got to hear a piece from Act 1-1, and this time it's the boss one. The funky beat on this is super hype and I honestly can't wait to see what the actual boss fight looks like when it finally comes out. Hopefully, we'll get a sneak peek when the first demo comes out soon, but in the meantime, you can throw this on repeat and dream of the possibility. 


      Revenge of the Id by Flapsandwich

      This next piece is for an upcoming indie game. The game is called Revenge of the Id and is made in the style of Commodore64, and the song is titled the same. It's a moody piece that sets a serious and determined tone, and it will be exciting to see how it integrates into the game once it's released.


      Menu by TobiKomi

      This piece is the menu theme of Do the Same by Rico59 and feels super nostalgic to the master system era. Put your thinking caps on because this song will have you ready for whatever fast-paced puzzles this game will throw at you.


      Mystic Cave Zone from Sonic 2 by 4sythe

      It wouldn't be a Deflemask showcase without at least one track from a Sonic game, right? This piece is an arrangement of Mystic Cave Zone from Sonic 2 and it pulls inspiration from Bobby Brown's "We are back", and the origins version of Mystic Cave Zone. Its super funky baseline creates a perfect vibe of adventure and exploration.


      Android 808 by TobiKomi

      This Jazzy Track was released for 808 day. 808 day is a celebration of the iconic Roland TR 808 drum machine, which is an instrument that was incredibly influential on modern contemporary music. TobiKomi has made a fantastic tribute piece that showcases it perfectly and is incredibly fun to listen to.


      Death From Above by Legobuzz

      This is an original piece that was made in Deflemask and styled after the battleship theme from Thunder Force IV. They wanted to create a greater sense of urgency while still maintaining the essence of the original and really hitting the mark during an intense space battle. This song will definitely have you on the edge of your seat.


      Proto launch-based Zone from Sonic 3 by Cartoons Animate

      It rounds out the sound of the piece quite nicely with the addition of some extra elements from the PC and the Origins versions as swell. It's upbeat and a really fun time if you're looking for a bit of sonic nostalgia.


      And that's all we have for this month's showcase! If you enjoyed these artists, definitely go check them out and stay tuned for our next Deflemask Showcase!


      Check out the video here with Mimi! 


      Oh before you go, do you like chiptunes? Cats? Maybe Mimi or the Sega Genesis? Well, if you do, let's have a catjam together, and subscribe to us on YouTube!