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      Weekly Dose of Gaming News: Despot's Game, Solar Ash and The Last Friend

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News: Despot's Game, Solar Ash and The Last Friend

      Hey, guys Alex Sy here for your weekly dose of gaming news from Mega Cat Studios. 

      We're easing into mid-october with some indie classic/best upcoming games first on the list we have Despot’s Game: Dystopian Army Builder early access it's roguelike tactics coupled with supercharged battles where you build a team to later sacrifice them to advance on the field they came up with a perfect elevator pitch for it actually a group of people that wake up in a strange post-apocalyptic labyrinth with no memories and a bunch of weapons so choose your loot and turn your squad into wizards ninjas and all kinds of heroes basically building your army you can survive the labyrinth and if you do you'll meet the end game builds of other players this war is to the death and only one team will be spared this game is much heavier on tactical smarts rather than reflexes especially when commencing in indirect combat you'll have food throwers a mythical stale pretzel thrower and even fridge movers to equip your front liners while you sit back and watch the riot afterwards so if you're ready to feel the satisfaction of watching a bunch of vivid colored pixelated stick figures rush into the heat of battle make sure you get around to playing this game. 



      Next on this list is the second game from the creators of the RPG hyper light drifter this one's called Solar Ash the pixel art on this is just gorgeous it's a single-player where you become Rey, a void runner you'll be skating leaping soaring, and even gliding through a kaleidoscope universe however this particular universe is on limited time because it's being consumed by a black hole the void is calling and rather than focusing on just combat there is greater weight on the fluidity of your movement as ray traverses between environments and even floating landscapes to get to the bottom of things in addition to the combat and fluidity is speed timing is everything and in Rey's universe the success when facing enemy encounters relies on striking at the precise moment solar ash will be released on October 26th. 


      Now if you're tired of the typical brawler or tower defense plot this next game should give you that bite you're looking for. The last friend will set you on a mission to save all the doggos. Doggos around the world are disappearing and you come in as alpha who at an early age lost your fur best friend now in your travels on the wastelands alpha crossed paths with mutants who dognapped a lost puppy it's not long after your battles that you realize you have the ability to understand what the pup T1 can say together with T1 in your dog-friendly upgradeable RV you rescue pooches across the wasteland freeing these pups means adding them to your team and unlocking combat abilities for you or towers to defend your RV you'll have the pick of the litter when it comes to offensive and defensive options to protect your yard it's a dog eat dog rolled out there so best to bring all paws out.



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      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - Yoyo's Great Adventure

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - Yoyo's Great Adventure is at it again, sharing the upcoming new retro games. This time, with Yoyo's Great Adventure.

      The adorable adventure game transports you to ancient Poland, as Yoyo, a cute little creature that's completely original. Yoyo's Great Adventure was created as an entry to the Yandex programming contest, and now we can't wait to play it. However, you need the classic ZX Spectrum from 1982 to run such a game. offers us some great insights into the game saying, "The story and gameplay however is inspired by the mechanics of a puzzle platformer that resembles 'Dizzy' games, except with a completely different story, character, locations, and more you'll just have to experience for yourself."

      Is Yoyo's Great Adventure an adventure you'd like to go on?