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      Pixel Syndicate exists to highlight the many great, fun, and polished pixel art games that we don't want our fans and followers to miss.

      The number of independent games coming out is literally impossible to keep up with. With hundreds of releases each week, and more platforms to find games on than ever before, discoverability has become a more interesting challenge now than ever.

      With Pixel Syndicate, we want to save all that we can. We support the Retro Renaissance. We learn from the past while looking to the future. We believe in the value of couch co-op, because there’s nothing like playing beside a friend. We believe that games are for all, and that racist, sexist, and otherwise unwelcoming tropes and clichés have no place in our games.

      We take pride in our community who endeavor to create new retro experiences that offer the best of yesterday’s games in shiny new packages.

      We want good pixel games to be enjoyed, and talented teams to continue creating.

      If you have a good pixel game - don't hesitate to reach out: or fill out the form below. Looking to help us bring news of these amazing games? You’ll want to sign up here.

      PLEASE NOTE: Due to the volume of emails, we cannot guarantee coverage, but we can guarantee that a live cat-human is looking at every wonderful submission.