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      It’s a purrfect pair! As the world’s first feline sports organization, the Cat Basketball Association continues to pioneer the intersection of feline athleticism and innovation by joining with Mega Cat Studios to slam dunk the blockchain with CBA Not Shots. Be the first to get your paws on Kyrie Purrving, LeYarn James, and other unforgettable feline superstars and their iconic cat basketball moments.

      The Cat’s Meow
      of Blockchain Technology

      The Glaring

      Come see our friends of cat-kind, and celebrate your feline technologist the good new-fashioned way. Mega Cat Labs is proud to be part of the community, and sit on the furry shoulders of tiny-giants: Cat in the Hat, CryptoKitties, Mooncat and Catdefi have set the standard for our world.

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      and get updates on all our upcoming NFT collectibles. Maybe even get rewarded with a feline Non-Fungible Fren!