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      Our streamers will enjoy the freedom to express themselves while playing the games we create, share, and publish. We have published the following instructions for using the game and screenshots of our games ("Game Content") to help ensure you do so in an honest manner while complying with intellectual property rights and specific copyright policies.


      Content must be accompanied by your own creative commentary or editing. Video or image creations that are only exact copies of game content without any creative input or commentary are prohibited. This is so players and users can maintain a quality level for how they interact with this type of content.


      You are responsible for obtaining any necessary permissions when you use intellectual property of a third party, such as music, together with our Gaming Content. Likewise, in this case, you must credit the third party according to their standards. It is important to note that some game soundtracks or individual songs may be licensed rather than owned by us. No matter how you do it, it's proper etiquette to get permission from the composer. A soundtrack should not be posted or distributed separately from game footage.

      Nevertheless, Mega Cat Studios reserves the right to remove content at any time that is considered illegal, infringing, inappropriate, or in violation of these guidelines. We may remove videos for our third-party partners in accordance with our end user license agreement. Additionally, infringement of our intellectual property rights, the intellectual property rights of our developers, or the intellectual property rights of third parties is also infringement, as is content that violates applicable laws or regulations, or content with pirated software.


      You may create, upload, stream, and monetize videos on live online websites using our game content, but only through authorized monetization methods. This includes commercials, ad networks, and affiliate services. Other forms of monetizing our intellectual property for commercial purposes are not permitted (including restricting access to our content for a fee of any kind) or licensing our content to another company for any fee.


      You may only use our game content that has been officially released to the public or from official promotional materials (such as product trailers). NDA content is prohibited from being shared. As a request, rather than a policy, please be considerate to not spoil games for other players.


      You may not indicate or suggest that your videos are officially sponsored, endorsed, or approved by us. We will update these guidelines from time to time. Please refer to the latest version before sharing your content. We hope that the above Guidelines are set out clearly. However, please understand that we will not be able to respond to individual inquiries regarding these Guidelines.