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      News — arcade music

      Deflemask November Showcase

      Deflemask November Showcase

      Holiday dinners may be here, but I hope you saved some room for a few Tasty Jams! So buckle up and we're going for another round of showcasing artists from both Soundcloud and YouTube who work in Deflemask

      Click on the pictures to hear about the masterpieces they made!

      Reiko GoldenBoy by A M 4 N 

      This song is inspired by episode five of the classic anime, Golden Boy. It includes various voice lines from the character Reiko Tarayama, a rich heiress who is obsessed with her Bimota Tesi 1D motorbike. This piece goes hard in the absolute best way possible with a fantastic baseline and an incredible progression that will leave you wanting more.


      Verdant Expanse by subpxl

      It's heavily inspired by another song from an indie game called Project Terra. This charming piece will whisk you away to a land of fantasy and adventure and capture your heart along the way.


      Select an Option by The Emotional Guy 

      Having a hard time trying to choose what to listen to. This next track might just help you out. Select an option by The Emotional Guy would be the perfect background soundtrack for decision-making. This Genesis-inspired piece is incredibly chill and perfect for looping no matter how long your decision takes.


      Leafy Woods by ZeirTheFox01 

      This piece is an original tune made with the Sega Master system chipset. Its thrilling and mesmerizing nature makes it perfect for looping over and over again.


      My Dear Cyclonis by The Emotional Guy 

      The emotional guy makes our list again with an original piece called My Dear Cyclones. This song is somewhat of a Halloween-Esque boss theme. It took inspiration from Shinobi III’s My Dear D and Alien Soldiers' Lurk!!!. Give this spooky piece a try for yourself.


      The First Ladies Song Arrange by Ritz the lazy artist 

      Our next song is brought to us by Ritz, the lazy artist. This is called The First Ladies Song Arrange.  It's an incredibly fun rearrangement of a piece sung by Dot Warner In the Animaniacs reboot. They used instruments and samples from the original SEGA Genesis game to give it that retro feel.


      Run Through The Winter Wonderland by Ethan Quach 

      This psych Genesis piece uses a lot of instruments from Sonic Three and Knuckles with a heavy drum and bass vibe. The sound of the instrumental melody solidifies that chili feeling you'd get from a perfect ice-level theme.


      Sinobi Mission 1 by lunoka

      Don't let our next song sneak past. This is a cover of Shinobi Mission 1 by lunoka. It uses the PC engine chipset instead of the Sega master system this time around. It's much more robust than the original while retaining that perfect air of mystery and action.


      Check out the video here:


      Oh before you go, do you like chiptunes? Cats? Maybe Mimi or the Sega Genesis? Well, if you do, let's have a catjam together! Join us on Discord and subscribe to us on YouTube

      Deflemask October Showcase

      Deflemask October Showcase


      It may be November already, but we hope you're ready for a treat for your ears alongside all that leftover Halloween candy. We're up for another round of showcasing artists from both Soundcloud and YouTube who work in Deflemask!

      Click on the pictures to hear about the masterpieces they made!

      Fizzled by Aleksandar Milović


      This piece is based on a mix by Abstract64 that was made for Battle of the Bits, Summer Chip 11, and as a unique twist, it also happens to be one of the demo songs included in Deflemask. It's fun, inspiring, and incredible to see how each artist can add their own unique style.

      Stage by Verum Corner

      This piece was made for a homebrew game project called Space Cobra. It's a 2D pixel art, platformer, and action game about space pirates. Before you know it, this song will have you hyped to Swashbuckle your way across the galaxy.

      Impossible Love by Tane


      This is an original song heavily based on endless love from the 3DS Port. It's borrowed the style of Fantasy Zone II DX and has other influences thrown in as well. Give it a listen and see what you think.

      Veritas by Xiggy

      This version was made in Delflemask by Xiggy and was composed by Presti. Deemo is a score-based music video game. The plot centers around a little girl who falls from an open trap door in the sky and a mysterious black being who plays piano music to help the girl return to her own world. The retro style of this cover lends an extra air of mystery and intrigue.


      Quick Race by Ethan Quach

      This is a 16-bit cover of Battle Quick Race from Sonic Heroes. It was made in Deflemask using instruments from Sonic 3 and Knuckles Balloon Park, which is also by the same original composer. What a fun way to showcase a composer's unique style.
      Gunky Thing by Rayjkayj

      Are you ready for a funky little looptoberjam? Rayjkayj brought us a little neo- geo inspiration with this fun and original little gunky thing loop, and we can't wait to see what it turns into.

      Space Battle by Scowsh

      Put your astronaut costumes back on! This is an original piece that was composed using the NES sound trip by Scowsh. It's exciting, mysterious, and absolutely out of this world.


      Tidal Rush by Ethan Quach. 

      This is a 16-bit cover of Tidal Rush from Splatoon two. It's done in the style of Sonic 3 and Knuckles. And honestly, it feels like we really missed out on having a 16-bit version of Splatoon

      Check out the video here with Mimi! 

      Oh before you go, do you like chiptunes? Cats? Maybe Mimi or the Sega Genesis? Well, if you do, let's have a catjam together! Join us on Discord and subscribe to us on YouTube!

      Deflemask September Showcase

      Deflemask September Showcase


      Up for a musical ride? Hop in! For today, we're showcasing artists from both Soundcloud and YouTube who work in Deflemask!

      Click on the pictures to hear the masterpieces they made!


      Insect Level by Tobikomi

      This fun piece was made for a game called Do the Same by Rico59. Do the same is a SEGA Master system-style puzzle game involving picture matching of many different types of objects. This particular song is for the insect-themed level, but there are others involving fruit, flowers, and more. The poppy melody is the perfect puzzle-solving motivation.


      Network Transfer 2020 by subpxl

      Subpxl has given us another amazing track with lots of nods to the series we all know and love. It includes inspiration from games like Megaman Battle Network, Megaman X five, Cross Code, Kuro no Kiseki, and Sora no Kiseki FC, among others. Their Genesis era tracks like this never disappoint.


      Speed Demon - Michael Jackson by Diggo Silva 

      This is a Deflemask cover and arrangement. It would absolutely be a great addition to any road trip playlist. And if a retro racing or GTA-esque game were to be made based on the music video, this cover would set the perfect mood.


      Lordess of the Flies by RRThiel

      Are you ready for another track from the new indie shoot 'em up Stellanova? Last month we got to hear a piece from Act 1-1, and this time it's the boss one. The funky beat on this is super hype and I honestly can't wait to see what the actual boss fight looks like when it finally comes out. Hopefully, we'll get a sneak peek when the first demo comes out soon, but in the meantime, you can throw this on repeat and dream of the possibility. 


      Revenge of the Id by Flapsandwich

      This next piece is for an upcoming indie game. The game is called Revenge of the Id and is made in the style of Commodore64, and the song is titled the same. It's a moody piece that sets a serious and determined tone, and it will be exciting to see how it integrates into the game once it's released.


      Menu by TobiKomi

      This piece is the menu theme of Do the Same by Rico59 and feels super nostalgic to the master system era. Put your thinking caps on because this song will have you ready for whatever fast-paced puzzles this game will throw at you.


      Mystic Cave Zone from Sonic 2 by 4sythe

      It wouldn't be a Deflemask showcase without at least one track from a Sonic game, right? This piece is an arrangement of Mystic Cave Zone from Sonic 2 and it pulls inspiration from Bobby Brown's "We are back", and the origins version of Mystic Cave Zone. Its super funky baseline creates a perfect vibe of adventure and exploration.


      Android 808 by TobiKomi

      This Jazzy Track was released for 808 day. 808 day is a celebration of the iconic Roland TR 808 drum machine, which is an instrument that was incredibly influential on modern contemporary music. TobiKomi has made a fantastic tribute piece that showcases it perfectly and is incredibly fun to listen to.


      Death From Above by Legobuzz

      This is an original piece that was made in Deflemask and styled after the battleship theme from Thunder Force IV. They wanted to create a greater sense of urgency while still maintaining the essence of the original and really hitting the mark during an intense space battle. This song will definitely have you on the edge of your seat.


      Proto launch-based Zone from Sonic 3 by Cartoons Animate

      It rounds out the sound of the piece quite nicely with the addition of some extra elements from the PC and the Origins versions as swell. It's upbeat and a really fun time if you're looking for a bit of sonic nostalgia.


      And that's all we have for this month's showcase! If you enjoyed these artists, definitely go check them out and stay tuned for our next Deflemask Showcase!


      Check out the video here with Mimi! 


      Oh before you go, do you like chiptunes? Cats? Maybe Mimi or the Sega Genesis? Well, if you do, let's have a catjam together, and subscribe to us on YouTube!