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      Game Culture — Cuphead

      Interview with Speedrunner star, ClipboardGuy

      Interview with Speedrunner star, ClipboardGuy

      Mega Cat Studios had the chance to interview the title holder of being the fastest person to finish Cuphead in Any% Version 1.1+ with a total running time of 28m 10s 040ms, in the speedrunning community, ClipBoardGuy! He shared his insights and issues with the community as well as some motivations for those who are aiming to enter this community! Here’s how our interview went!

      How did you discover speedrunning?

      I think it was a GDQ run of Super Meat Boy sometime around 2016 that I saw on Youtube.

      What made it interesting for you to check it out?

      Hearing that somebody can beat a game in such a short amount of time is cool when you first hear about it.

      What were the biggest issues you encountered in the community?

      I haven’t personally dealt with any big issues that have come up in the Speedrunning community. You have to deal with toxic people occasionally, but those people are the exception, not the rule.

      What would be the best memory or moment you’ve experienced?

      It would have to be when I got the Any% WR in Cuphead. It’s validating to finally achieve what you know you can do after so long.

      Should other people also try and check out speedrunning? Why so?

      Definitely. Watching a speedrun of one of your favorite games is a great way to blow your mind lol. Speedrunning as a player also feels good to improve on, even if you’re not top-level steadily.

      What makes the speedrunning communities special?

      Sharing the excitement of discoveries and personal achievements with your peers. Turning what would typically be an isolated endeavor into something you can connect with people over.

      Who do you think would enjoy speedrunning as well?

      Anyone who enjoys competition and self-improvement in other things, especially esports.

      How would you describe your experience and stay in the community?

      When I started, I didn’t interact much with the community for a while. I think I was afraid of being annoying or overbearing if I asked for help with anything. But the longer I’ve been in the community, the more I see how helpful and kind the people there are. 

      What are your suggestions for the Speedrunning community?

      I always like seeing more events that unite people and highlight each other’s achievements. 

      What made you stay long in this community?

      My own will to help myself and others improve at what they love doing.

      What is your message to those who admire and watch you?

      If you want to get into speedrunning, there’s no better time than now. And don’t feel like you need to do or achieve anything at all. Just enjoy the journey.

      Anything else you’d like to add?



      Check out his newest World Record for Cuphead here:  

      Check out ClipBoardGuy on and follow them on TwitterTwitch and Youtube to get more updates on their Speedruns!

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