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      Game Culture — point-and-click

      #8DaysofPixelFeature - Day 4: Devil's Hideout

      #8DaysofPixelFeature - Day 4: Devil's Hideout

      Devil’s Hideout is a horror point and click adventure with pixel-art graphics set primarily in an abandoned town and its nearby equally abandoned hospital. Lauren learns from a mystic that her young sister is still alive, with cultists staging her death. Traveling to the hospital where her sister received care, Lauren plunges headfirst into a nightmare.

      The world of Devil's Hideout is pure horror - narratively, aurally, and visually. Playing as Lauren, explore an abandoned hospital and a nearby town to find her young sister. Solve puzzles with the help of her friend Atticus, as you delve the insidious shadows of Devil's Hideout.

      Game Features

      • Immersive pixel art, saturated with horror.
      • Spine-chilling music and sound effects.
      • Explore an abandoned town & hospital
      • First-person perspective.
      • Point and click puzzles & item inventory.
      • A tale of an older sister saving her younger sibling from evil.
      • Devil cultists.
      • Steam achievements!

      Devil's Hideout is developed by Cosmic Void.

      All assets used in this blog belong to the rightful owner.


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