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      Little Medusa's Multiplayer Roster

      Little Medusa's Multiplayer Roster

      Hello there to all the stone pushers! We know you’ve been waiting for an update on Little Medusa’s multiplayer mode, and today, we’re finally allowed to spill some details on how our take on the battle royale formula is shaping up!

      So how would the game play out? We’re happy to report that we feel like we’ve successfully translated Little Medusa’s core gameplay mechanics and transformed it into a multiplayer experience that would be easy to learn for all kinds of players (while still providing enough wiggle room to show off a skilled player’s mastery over the game’s unique mechanics). Each player will still be trying to utilize the pushing mechanics of the single-player mode to eliminate the other players and be the one to come out on top.

      There are also quite a number of settings that you can adjust to fully customize your playing experience. You can toy with the number of lives that each player starts with, the amount of time that you have to duke it out, one-hit kills, item spawns, and even enemy spawns. No matter how you adjust your options, the end goal remains the same: be the last one standing!



      As for the specifics, we’ll slowly be rolling out details for the twelve maps and the myriad of items and enemies. For now, let’s give you some specifics on the five playable characters, with each character having two different attacks! Of course, we can’t have a character roster for Little Medusa without the titular character herself: Medusa plays pretty much the same way she does in the main game. She can petrify enemies with her Petrification Gaze. Petrified enemies can be pushed into walls for damage or pushed off of the level. Her other attack, Boulder, creates a boulder that blocks movement and also acts as a wall. These two attacks can be combined in clever ways, allowing Medusa players to create a boulder to smash petrified enemies.



      Our next two characters are Poseidonna and Heliemis. Poseidonna can create waves that push everything in their path off of the level with her Tidal Wave attack. She can also create a small bubble in one adjacent space to push enemies with her Bubble Shield. Both of her attacks don’t do any damage, but her insane pushing power makes her a force to be reckoned with. On the other hand, Heliemis’ Mighty Wind attack creates a gust that travels up to three spaces away and deals damage. The Tornado Pull attack creates a tornado that lasts for five seconds, pulling enemies in if they go near it. This allows for some wicked setups to trap an enemy in a tornado while blasting them with Mighty Wind.



      Our last two characters, Ermolai and Averna, round up the elemental quartet. Ermolai is the earth dude, and he’s all about creating holes in the ground. Pitfall doesn’t do damage but instead creates a hole in the ground. While this may seem underwhelming at first, if you manage to put a hole underneath your opponents, they instantly lose a life! His other ability, Earthquake, creates four holes around a 2x2 area, but it does resolve slower, so it’s trickier to make enemies fall off of it. It’s a good thing that it does damage! We’re only missing the fiery member of our group, and that’s Averna. She’s probably the simplest character in the game, but also the most damage-heavy. Both of her abilities will deal damage, with Fireball being a simple projectile that will deal damage upon contact and will deal additional AOE damage around it. Flame Pillar also does damage, but travels slower and has a lower overall distance, but utilizing both of her abilities can allow Averna players to take control of the battlefield.



      For now, we’re still at the balancing stages of the game, so we’re still checking out the numbers on these characters, but for the most part, these attacks are pretty much ready to roll. We want all five of them to be playable in some amount instead of any single one of them to dominate the playing field. We’ll definitely be telling you more about the other aspects of the game in the future, though, so stay tuned to our social media channels for further updates! You can also head on over to Mega Cat Studios for more retro gaming goodness.