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      News — sega genesis

      Deflemask January Showcase

      Deflemask January Showcase

      Spring is just around the corner. And what better way to celebrate than by making a fresh new playlist! So buckle up and we're going for another round of showcasing artists from YouTube who work in Deflemask!

      Click on the GIFs to hear the masterpieces our creators made!

      Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic 2 by Uhrwek Klockwerx 

      Our first song is a re-remix of Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic 2 by Uhrwek Klockwerx. It's always incredible to revisit old projects and see how you've improved over time, and this is a super fun upgrade. It's a very fitting way for them to celebrate a 2K follower milestone. This is also a graduation of sorts to move on to making more original content. Can't wait to see what they make next.

      Turnaround by Melo 

      With its intricate baseline, it would fit right in as the soundtrack for a high-speed chase through a futurist city, or as the battle theme in a creepy dungeon. This is an original piece for their new FM album, and it sounds like this is just the beginning of something truly incredible.

      Area F by Evolução Gamer

      This song is from Mega Man ZX, which was set 200 years after the Mega Man Zero Series events. This remix makes the song even more mysterious while staying true to the original.

      Lost and Saddened by n1k-o 

      For the next piece on our list, we have Lost and Saddened by n1k-o. This is part of the soundtrack they wrote for a game called Misplaced, which is a meditative puzzle platformer for the Mega Drive. It's got an incredible beat, and it's the perfect background for all your puzzle-solving needs.

      Dream Land by 3-UP 

      Hope you're ready for another incredible entry. From the 2022 Battle of the Bits advent calendar, this song is by 3-UP, called Sega's Dreamland. That day's challenge was choosing Game Boy or the Sega Master System on Deflemask. They imagined an alternate timeline where Kirby had been on the game gear instead of the Game Boy. You can hear the Kirby-like tunes throughout this one. It's certainly an adorably fun re-imagining of the series.

      South Side Smooth by Haberchuck 

      It's time to change the vibe with this next piece by Haberchuck. This song is from the Scum City Skull Busters soundtrack and is called Southside Smooth City Street Stage. Although it may be a bit of a tongue twister, it's a super chill song with many funk and hip-hop influences from that iconic genre. It's truly an ode to retro-beat him-ups.

      Space Junk Galaxy by MattJHart 

      It's time to explore space peacefully with this cover of Space Junk Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy. MattJHart has used the Mega Drive and Genesis sounds to make a playful, retro-inspired homage to the original. It lovingly showcases the nuances of the original songs orchestral, nature, and grace.

      Sonic 2 Underground Zone V1 by Kade the Cathog 

      This piece is an absolute treat, and Kade has put a fun spin on it while staying true to the heart of the original. As always. You can't go wrong with putting an excellent Sonic cover like this on your workout playlist if you wanna put an extra spring in your set.

      Jupiter by Geebone 

      Now it's time for a recent original song made by Geebone. This piece is called Jupiter and is made in Deflemask using the Genesis and Mega Drive chipsets. It has a mysterious-sounding synth that reinforces the song's name and a space-like feel to give an incredible otherworldly experience.

      Letter Ambience by The Emotional Guy 

      Our final piece of the day is The Emotional Guy's recent original song, Letter Ambience. They experimented with ambient and downbeat tones to make the stark-natured techno piece. Many of their trademark instruments, such as the strings and FM trumpet, are still used, but the lower octaves bring a refreshing new sound style.

      Watch the video here:

      Before you go, do you like chiptunes? Cats? Maybe Mimi or the Sega Genesis? Well, if you do, let's have a catjam together! Join us on Discord and subscribe to us on YouTube

      Deflemask October Showcase

      Deflemask October Showcase


      It may be November already, but we hope you're ready for a treat for your ears alongside all that leftover Halloween candy. We're up for another round of showcasing artists from both Soundcloud and YouTube who work in Deflemask!

      Click on the pictures to hear about the masterpieces they made!

      Fizzled by Aleksandar Milović


      This piece is based on a mix by Abstract64 that was made for Battle of the Bits, Summer Chip 11, and as a unique twist, it also happens to be one of the demo songs included in Deflemask. It's fun, inspiring, and incredible to see how each artist can add their own unique style.

      Stage by Verum Corner

      This piece was made for a homebrew game project called Space Cobra. It's a 2D pixel art, platformer, and action game about space pirates. Before you know it, this song will have you hyped to Swashbuckle your way across the galaxy.

      Impossible Love by Tane


      This is an original song heavily based on endless love from the 3DS Port. It's borrowed the style of Fantasy Zone II DX and has other influences thrown in as well. Give it a listen and see what you think.

      Veritas by Xiggy

      This version was made in Delflemask by Xiggy and was composed by Presti. Deemo is a score-based music video game. The plot centers around a little girl who falls from an open trap door in the sky and a mysterious black being who plays piano music to help the girl return to her own world. The retro style of this cover lends an extra air of mystery and intrigue.


      Quick Race by Ethan Quach

      This is a 16-bit cover of Battle Quick Race from Sonic Heroes. It was made in Deflemask using instruments from Sonic 3 and Knuckles Balloon Park, which is also by the same original composer. What a fun way to showcase a composer's unique style.
      Gunky Thing by Rayjkayj

      Are you ready for a funky little looptoberjam? Rayjkayj brought us a little neo- geo inspiration with this fun and original little gunky thing loop, and we can't wait to see what it turns into.

      Space Battle by Scowsh

      Put your astronaut costumes back on! This is an original piece that was composed using the NES sound trip by Scowsh. It's exciting, mysterious, and absolutely out of this world.


      Tidal Rush by Ethan Quach. 

      This is a 16-bit cover of Tidal Rush from Splatoon two. It's done in the style of Sonic 3 and Knuckles. And honestly, it feels like we really missed out on having a 16-bit version of Splatoon

      Check out the video here with Mimi! 

      Oh before you go, do you like chiptunes? Cats? Maybe Mimi or the Sega Genesis? Well, if you do, let's have a catjam together! Join us on Discord and subscribe to us on YouTube!