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      Deflemask January Showcase

      Deflemask January Showcase

      Spring is just around the corner. And what better way to celebrate than by making a fresh new playlist! So buckle up and we're going for another round of showcasing artists from YouTube who work in Deflemask!

      Click on the GIFs to hear the masterpieces our creators made!

      Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic 2 by Uhrwek Klockwerx 

      Our first song is a re-remix of Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic 2 by Uhrwek Klockwerx. It's always incredible to revisit old projects and see how you've improved over time, and this is a super fun upgrade. It's a very fitting way for them to celebrate a 2K follower milestone. This is also a graduation of sorts to move on to making more original content. Can't wait to see what they make next.

      Turnaround by Melo 

      With its intricate baseline, it would fit right in as the soundtrack for a high-speed chase through a futurist city, or as the battle theme in a creepy dungeon. This is an original piece for their new FM album, and it sounds like this is just the beginning of something truly incredible.

      Area F by Evolução Gamer

      This song is from Mega Man ZX, which was set 200 years after the Mega Man Zero Series events. This remix makes the song even more mysterious while staying true to the original.

      Lost and Saddened by n1k-o 

      For the next piece on our list, we have Lost and Saddened by n1k-o. This is part of the soundtrack they wrote for a game called Misplaced, which is a meditative puzzle platformer for the Mega Drive. It's got an incredible beat, and it's the perfect background for all your puzzle-solving needs.

      Dream Land by 3-UP 

      Hope you're ready for another incredible entry. From the 2022 Battle of the Bits advent calendar, this song is by 3-UP, called Sega's Dreamland. That day's challenge was choosing Game Boy or the Sega Master System on Deflemask. They imagined an alternate timeline where Kirby had been on the game gear instead of the Game Boy. You can hear the Kirby-like tunes throughout this one. It's certainly an adorably fun re-imagining of the series.

      South Side Smooth by Haberchuck 

      It's time to change the vibe with this next piece by Haberchuck. This song is from the Scum City Skull Busters soundtrack and is called Southside Smooth City Street Stage. Although it may be a bit of a tongue twister, it's a super chill song with many funk and hip-hop influences from that iconic genre. It's truly an ode to retro-beat him-ups.

      Space Junk Galaxy by MattJHart 

      It's time to explore space peacefully with this cover of Space Junk Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy. MattJHart has used the Mega Drive and Genesis sounds to make a playful, retro-inspired homage to the original. It lovingly showcases the nuances of the original songs orchestral, nature, and grace.

      Sonic 2 Underground Zone V1 by Kade the Cathog 

      This piece is an absolute treat, and Kade has put a fun spin on it while staying true to the heart of the original. As always. You can't go wrong with putting an excellent Sonic cover like this on your workout playlist if you wanna put an extra spring in your set.

      Jupiter by Geebone 

      Now it's time for a recent original song made by Geebone. This piece is called Jupiter and is made in Deflemask using the Genesis and Mega Drive chipsets. It has a mysterious-sounding synth that reinforces the song's name and a space-like feel to give an incredible otherworldly experience.

      Letter Ambience by The Emotional Guy 

      Our final piece of the day is The Emotional Guy's recent original song, Letter Ambience. They experimented with ambient and downbeat tones to make the stark-natured techno piece. Many of their trademark instruments, such as the strings and FM trumpet, are still used, but the lower octaves bring a refreshing new sound style.

      Watch the video here:

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      Achievement Hunter Time!

      Achievement Hunter Time!

      Mega Cat Studios had the awesome chance to converse with the Achievement Hunter fan, Chad from Reddit! We asked about their experiences and stories from the guys they admire on Achievement Hunter and the AH fan community they belong to. They gave us a sneak peek at how their community dynamics are! Here's how our interview with them went.

      How did you discover Achievement Hunter and how long have you been in the community?

      I was there when they first started on Machinima back in 2003 if I remember correctly. Saw their stuff as a young kid and enjoyed Halo so it went hand in hand growing up.

      What made it interesting for you to check it out?

      I was drawn in by the comedy and Halo, younger me enjoyed to slapstick stuff and shenanigans. I was all over Machinima but Red Vs Blue is what really drew me. Only thing I’d actually wait for new episodes to drop.

      What were the biggest issues you encountered in the community?

      Honestly that’s a good question. You see it’s been a rollercoaster watching the community and creators throughout the years. I think my answer would be when the Ryan Haywood scandal happened. It was a huge blow not just to me but also the whole community. It sucked a lot because he’d help make my childhood amazing. Laughter, inside jokes, great content, and honestly he was my favorite of everyone. Then he turns out to be a bad guy and it’s a “never meet your heroes” moment except I never got to even meet him. Ever since that I believe the community and company has been fractured. Then bad moment after bad moment keep coming to light and the now illustrious company that built childhoods for a lot of people is suddenly turning out to be full of tragedies and neglects. Sucks. I still hold out that they recover but the last two years haven’t really shown me, an older and OG fan, much.

      Doesn’t mean I still don’t appreciate what they did for me and my life along with others. They will always hold a special place in my heart.

      What would be the best memory or moment you’ve experienced?

      Honestly I really enjoyed the Extra Life charity streams the most. The passion and dedication put into those were always a joy and something I’d always put money aside for (when I started making money) it was for a great cause while also bringing the community together.

      What would be your all-time favorite video from Achievement Hunter and why?

      Oh man just one video? Sheesh. Legends of the Hidden Tower was pretty great. I think it perfectly encapsulates the controlled chaos of the group. Group of videos would be Season 9-10 of Red Vs Blue.

      Should other people also try and check out Achievement Hunter or Rooster Teeth? Why so?

      Absolutely, especially the earlier stuff. Community was the main factor and it’s like a party that always had a chair for anyone from anywhere to sit and join. The content ranged all over the place to not just gaming. Super fun place where you can find just about anything video wise. That’s what kind of sets them apart from normal YouTube and Streaming services. They existed as their own entity separate from the main scene while also partaking in it. Which means they didn’t have to be bound to the typical content tunnels you’d see pop up, they could partake in them but didn’t need to.

      They existed before steaming and grew up with YouTube

      With the things you said, do you think that makes the community very special? And who do you think would enjoy the community as well?

      I do, I think since it came up in its own right and was able to stand up on its own despite other towering giants around it really shows something. I always found it special since you can also grow with these people throughout the years just like I did. It’s as easy as starting from the beginning and watching them. Like I said anyone can really join and enjoy it, of course gamers will have the largest claim to that because it’s the core of the content but anyone is welcome to join. The focus of the videos never really revolves around the game play as much as it did the cast and you, the viewer.

      How would you describe your experience and stay in the AH community and What made you stay long in the AH community?

      To describe my experience I’d have to say that it was a fun and long ride that had many ups and downs but overall was a great time. What kept me around was despite a screen and thousands of miles between us I always felt like I was right there with them, like another person on the room having a good laugh about what’s happening. They really nailed the family experience.

      I will admit lately as of the last two years I’ve fell off of them but that’s because I feel they have made the classic mistake most big companies (which they have now become lately) makes. That mistake is not maintaining that relationship with your original and core audience that got you there. It’s a bit sad seeing the semi-new/new and even the occasional OG member lash back out at the community and say things like “if you don’t like the changes you can leave” or “our numbers speak for themselves.” Sure, they probably do maintain good numbers and profits but that really wasn’t the original point of who they were or how they got to be so big today. Who knows maybe I’m just older now and new kids are getting to experience what I did so it feels different to me, especially with the gap in generations. If that’s the case I’m ok with that, especially knowing that I had my great experience why wouldn’t I want that for other young kids?

      Either way I’m happy to have been along for the ride, and just because I’m no longer the guy in the front passenger seat I’m happy to be a comer and goer. So to put a final word on my experience I would say it’s a complete fun circle.

      What are your suggestions for the whole AH community?

      Old or new, we all came for something here in the community, don’t let that happy memory go. Let us bond through experience and truly keep that family core principle strong.


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      Deflemask December Showcase

      Deflemask December Showcase

      It's a new year. The holidays are over, and winter weather is in full swing, so there's no better time to find some fresh new tracks for your 2023 playlists. So buckle up and we're going for another round of showcasing artists from both Soundcloud and YouTube who work in Deflemask!

      Click on the GIFs to hear the masterpieces our creators made!

      Vain Aspirations by subpxls

      Frequently in subpxls work, there are callbacks to songs from other games, and this one is no different. Keep an ear out for references to pieces from Atrium Odyssey, Cross Code, and Grand Knight's history, as well as a few others. This piece has a calming melody that is reminiscent of daily life in a far-off fantasy land. Put this on your playlist while you make some new memories and adventures of your own this year.

      Memories by Zeir the Fox

      It's time to shift the vibe with this next piece called Midnight Memories by Zeir the Fox. The mysterious tones in this piece and the incredible baseline really set the tone for an exciting adventure or a late-night mission. So whether you're battling aliens on a captured space station or sneaking across the rooftops to deliver a secret message, this Genesis-inspired piece has got you covered.

      Mecha Green Hill Zone by Evan Shenfield 

      Evan Shenfield has brought us back to hang out with our pal Sonic once again, this piece is a 16-bit remix of Mecca Green Hill Zone from Sonic Chaos using the Mega Drive Chipset in Deflemask. This song is incredibly robust compared to the original and is definitely an amazing upgrade. It would be perfect in a remake and fantastic to listen to on a loop as well.

      Jumping Finn by Maximus 

      Maximus is making their debut on our list today with a simple Deflemask cover from Jumping Finn. It's an adventure time game by Cartoon Network that is nostalgic for many fans of the show. This is a fun and peppy song just like the show and this cover really adds to it quite nicely while giving it somehow an even more retro feel.

      Black Metal Courage II by Newcanaanite 

      Let's mix things up again with Newcanaanite and their piece called Black Metal Courage II. It's a funky and exciting piece with a lot of styles and added player. Consider adding this to a workout playlist or just as something to play on a loop while you work on your goals in this new year to give you all the motivation you'll need.

      Lava Rock by Ethan Quach 

      This is a short and intense song that has their signature kick drum pattern, and an incredible guitar solo near the end. Lava Monsters beware because this song has all the inspiration you need to win a fiery victory.

      The Game Boy Militia Marches Fourth with Toy Weapons by Hunter Van Brocklin 

      It was made for Battle of the Bits during their advent calendar event last month. The requirements were that a song would be made each day based on a new prompt and format. This particular one was made using the Deflemask Game Boy Chip Set. It has an incredible, unique, and ominous feel, which lends itself well to the visual of a toy army going on the attack. 

      Electro Sakura by Yuncom BGM Channel 

      It's made in Deflemask and is inspired by the idea of an arcade-style horizontal shooter. The melody is short, but super upbeat and fun and would be great for grouping in the background as you blast your way through level after level.

      A Dark Sickness by RevvoBolt

      This moody piece has an incredible baseline and a fantastic progression that keeps you guessing about what will happen next. Give this mysterious piece a try for yourself.

      Check out the video here:

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      WEEKLY DOSE OF GAMING NEWS: Anbernic RG35XX, GKD Plus Classic, & Gundam Wing x Higround

      WEEKLY DOSE OF GAMING NEWS: Anbernic RG35XX, GKD Plus Classic, & Gundam Wing x Higround

      The holidays are just around the corner—and that begs the question: have you been naughty or nice? Either way, it’s only right to treat yourself, especially when there’s a whole lot of retro goodness going around.

      That being said, we’re switching things up this week. We’re taking a break from games because we got a few gift-worthy gaming consoles that you might want to give away—or maybe keep for yourself.

      Definitely for yourself. 

      Anbernic RG35XX

      The Anbernic RG35XX has been getting a bit of hype over the past few months and is looking to be one of the smaller, yet reliable handheld consoles released this year. Going up against the Miyoo Mini that came out in May, it’s quite the last-minute competitor.

      The perfect portable companion for anyone who digs Game Boy and SNES emulation on the go.

      It rocks a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9, a PowerVR SGX544MP GPU, 256MB of DDR3 RAM, a very nice 3.5-inch IPS display, and a 2100 mAh battery that gets up to 5 hours of playtime.

      It runs exclusively on Linux, but we might be getting other options in the future. As for connectivity, it comes with a sweet HDMI output, so you can go big and just slap it onto your TV. A very nice way to spend the next few weeks of downtime. If you actually have any downtime.

      As of now, the Anbernic RG35XX is priced at $55.99 USD, which isn’t bad. Definitely worth slapping onto your wishlist…after you see what else we have today.

      GKD Plus Classic

      GKD is a mainstay handheld brand to look out for in the console gaming sphere. Sure, they’re not as popular as their contemporaries, but that’s because they take time to produce neat-o stuff. Enter the GKD Plus Classic.

      It’s a compelling flanker for any Game Boy-Esque console, and it’s slowly picking up steam on Kickstarter.

      As for specs, it also sports a 3.5-inch IPS Display with tempered Glass, a 1.8 gigahertz RK3566 CPU, 1GB of RAM, and an excellent and big 3000MAH Battery. It will support WiFi and Bluetooth as all handhelds should, and connects via-USB C—as well, as all handhelds should.

      This looks to be a more premium version of the GKD Mini launched way back last year, and they’ve since given it a bigger chassis. In terms of emulation, the 1GB of RAM makes sure everything runs smoothly. While it MIGHT struggle on more high-end PSP games, it’s adequate enough if you wish to delve into anything else that’s retro, like the Sega Dreamcast.

      While it’s only $159 on Kickstarter, it might be shipping out at $279, which, let’s admit, is a pretty hefty price. But it’s still pretty early into the campaign, and a lot could change. For what it’s worth, this could make for a great “Merry Christmas IOU” gift.

      Gundam Wing x Higround

      We step away from consoles altogether, but not from retro itself. Last, but not least, we have a little something that could check all those old-school geeky boxes—gamers, hobbyists, and even anime enthusiasts.

      Lifestyle and gaming accessory brand Higround (high ground) have a sweet collab with Bandai Namco America that’ll tug on those nostalgic heartstrings. Remember Gundam Wing? They got keyboards now. Not just caps, but the entire fricking board.

      We’re getting nice 65% keebs decked out with iconic Gundam Wing artwork for both the Basecamp 65 lineup and the ever-popular Summit 65 flagship.

      They come with premium dual-silicone dampening foam, a hot-swappable PCB, as well as pre-lubed linear TTC White Flame switches. A nice touch for retro gamers who also mind the aesthetics.

      The Higround Gundam Wing collection is now available on their official website. They’re available for 60 USD. As for the Basecamp, it goes for 145 USD, with the Summit priced at 300 USD.

      No better way to clickity-clack your way through the holiday.


      Check the video here:

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      WEEKLY DOSE OF GAMING NEWS: Wrong Way Back, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Duck Hunt

      WEEKLY DOSE OF GAMING NEWS: Wrong Way Back, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Duck Hunt

      We've got another round of titles comin' at you and there's no better way for all the good boys and girls to celebrate the holidays than with some good retro gaming Just like the items under anyone's decked-out holiday decorations, it's all about variety. From beat-em-ups to straight-up old-school horror, we got you covered as always. Sit back, grab some hot cocoa, and boot up the trusty old console as we add a few more toys to that wishlist of yours.

      Wrong Way Back by Locked Door Puzzle

      Yes, we know it's already December, but horror and suspense are timeless-at least for some people. If that's the kind of vibe that tickles your fancy, then make sure to check out the latest Amiga CD32 release of Wrong Way Back by Locked Door Puzzle. A brand new game brings out the best "retro escape room" feels you can ask for. 

      It's all about a woman trapped in a strange room, and it's up to you to help her find the way out. No pressure, right? The game was developed using AMOS Professional and was an experiment in Amiga CD32 development. So, you'll need an actual CD to play it on a machine or have it emulated. You'll also need a gamepad with 2 buttons if you have a standard Amiga. While that may be the right way to play Wrong Way Back, it's worth checking out if your holiday season is beginning to look a lot like Halloween.


      Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 

      Nothing like spending the holidays with a bit of green-the badass kind. It's another beat 'em up update for none other than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The absolute classic is coming to the Sega Master System as a port of the original arcade version of TMNT.

      However, as of now it's still a work in progress, and whatever you see online will be part of the game's early version, it uses Devkit SMS, and a variety of other tools to guarantee that we can get that familiar, satisfying, and classic beat em' up experience that we all know and love. While we won't be screaming Turtle Power anytime this month, it's good enough of a present just to know that we have something to look forward to in 2023

      Duck Hunt by Manha Manha

      Last but not least, a classic that either brought you satisfaction or total frustration. So if you’ve been lucky enough to own a NES or Famicom and a light gun, Then we’re happy to report that Mahna Mahna just dropped the perfect nostalgia classic for you. The classic NES Game Duck Hunt is now on the Commodore 64. The game made its surprising return at the Transmission 64 third edition event this year, and everyone's been. Fast forward to today. You can now download it, enjoy it, and maybe even rage quickly when the dog laughs at you for missing some easy shots.

      No light gun, no problem. This game version has both gun and mouse support, so you don't have to worry just in case you left that plastic firearm back in your childhood. So if you don't feel like you're spending your downtime just sitting around and maybe wanna practice those old-school shooting skills, then pick up duck hunt for the holidays.


      Check the video here:

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