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      Game Development — Bovine Lord

      For the Cow King! An Overview of Another Reigny Day

      For the Cow King! An Overview of Another Reigny Day

      When the Cow King bestowed knighthood upon you, that came with the caveat that you defend him to the death! In Another Reigny Day, your mission is to keep the hordes off the Cow King’s lawn by dealing death with a slew of fancy weapons.

      Summon your trusty bow to send a volley of doom upon your enemies. Feeling particularly malicious? Dip your arrows into flavor buckets to spice up your ammo and send enemies flying with knockback arrows, immolate them with fire arrows, or ruin their diets with crispy fried chicken arrows. Don’t fancy yourself an archer? You can also grab hold of a variety of magical spells to add some variety to your deadly volleys. If those don’t pack enough punch for you, set up some cannons to deal major damage to the invaders, or just use them to hurl munitions through your neighbors’ windows.

      Syphon loot from your enemies’ broken bodies to build up your defenses and repair your castle. Use that lucre to prepare yourself for increasingly more deadly waves of enemies by deploying defenses through the purchasing table. Plop down a few turrets, dole out some cash on some upgrades - just make sure you’re ready for the unending hordes. There’s a diverse selection of automated death dealers to lighten the load on your bow; fire, ice, and even rage turrets that turn your aggressors against their friends.

      Don’t think you can just rely on your turrets to do all the heavy lifting, though. There are over 15 types of wily enemies trying to knock down your door, and they range from poop-flinging monkeys and exploding skeletons to boulder pitching giants and fire breathing dragons. Battering rams will try and topple your walls and armored knights are out for some close combat. When things get too hot, give the baddies a good smack with your axes and swat away their projectiles with a wave of your hand.

      It’s a tough job defending the castle, but if you put in the work to gain the favor of the Cow King he will bestow upon you some lordly titles. So make sure that cow stays safe from the endless hordes that are out to topple the stone walls of his home, and you may find yourself rewarded. Perform exceptionally well and you may even find yourself climbing the online leaderboards.

      You can stuff your face into either an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift to play Another Reigny Day, soon to be available on Steam!