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      Gaming News — modern retro

      WEEKLY DOSE OF GAMING NEWS: A Space for the Unbound, GoldenEye 007, Final Fantasy VII

      WEEKLY DOSE OF GAMING NEWS: A Space for the Unbound, GoldenEye 007, Final Fantasy VII

      The longest January in the history of January is finally done. 2023 can finally be set in motion, and we can shift gears to what might be the longest February. In any case, time never stands still with all things retro, and we’ve been treated to some awesomely cool new things this time.

      While we mainly talk about the highly retro side of gaming, we tend to forget that the 90s will fall under that category nowadays. We’ve been drawing inspiration from the most old-school things, and they do help inspire us with newer creative ideas.

      We also like to reminisce on simpler times back when life was much slower and in a good way. We also want to recognize greatness and show appreciation through something nice. Let’s talk about that.

      A Space for the Unbound

      First up, we have to game the looks and feels retro but is newer than your average modern title. We’re talking about A Space for the Unbound. It’s a gorgeous pixel art experience brought to us by Mojiken Studios and produced by Toge Productions. Released in January of this year, the plot of this pixel art masterpiece revolves around teenagers Atma and Ryan and is set very nicely in the late 90s’.

      It takes us on a journey to Indonesia but highlights all of the elements one would find in your favorite Japanese anime. With a compelling story and a gorgeous art style, you’ll likely pick this up if you like slower, less action-packed, slice-of-life titles that add a little bit of the supernatural.

      It’s always nice to unwind now and then, right? So if you’re keen on developing and reliving that feeling of youthful exuberance, then it’s best to check out A Space for the Unbound on your favorite console.


      GoldenEye 007 

      We all love a thrilling action movie, especially if it came from a few decades ago. I’m sure they just hit differently and in more ways than one.

      While the James Bond franchise has been around for the longest time and has yet to wrap things up, we can’t deny how one particular installment made a considerable mark in gaming. Yes, I’m talking about GoldenEye 007.

      The pioneer of competitive first-person shooters. According to many, the Nintendo64 catalog has been on switch online for a while now, and GoldenEye 007 has been a Nintendo fan favorite since it gained popularity way back. Since Nintendo teased it in September last year, everyone’s been waiting. Thankfully the wait is up. Just before January ended, GoldenEye 007 for Switch online came to be. Complete with its glorious full multiplayer expansion.

      Yes, it’s here, and all the now grownup fans can relive its classic competitive PVP whenever they wish whether it’s on the go or your gorgeous widescreen. GoldenEye 007 experience is here, and it’s here to stay. Given that news update, we hope you’re all shaken and not stirred.


      Final Fantasy VII

      Lastly, here is some nice feel-good news, especially if you live in Japan. We all know Final Fantasy and how massive of a franchise. With 15 major titles so far, a variety of spinoffs, and a critically acclaimed MMORPG, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who hasn’t at least heard about it. That being said, we can’t deny that the seventh installment had the most significant impact on mainstream gaming.

      We love our Cloud, our Aerith, and our Sephiroth. With a movie, a remake, and copious amounts of fan art, we can’t deny how massive final Fantasy VII is. So huge that it got its official day. Yes, you heard it. Japan’s anniversary association has officially declared January 31st as the final fantasy VII day.

      While we’re not too keen on the details, like whether or not you don’t have to come in for work, it’s nice that a game with such a legacy now has its place in history. Imagine if you just so happen to be playing Final Fantasy on Final Fantasy VII day, that could be quite the epic story many years from now. An epic story that could be told by the grandkids. Gather around to play final fantasy 30 or 25 at least.

      Check the video here:

      Come play and talk with us on Discord and subscribe to our YouTube for more Retro Gaming News!

      Kickstarter Pixel Art Round Up - Fables of Talumos and Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator

      Kickstarter Pixel Art Round Up - Fables of Talumos and Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator

      We're bringing everyone some sweet Kickstarter goodness for May! 





      Now, the retro game ingenuity keeps getting better every month, and there's always a lot of action and excitement for everyone. The titles over on Kickstarter are no different. This time we're going full-on sword and board, medieval fantasy style, but it's not quite what you'd expect. Fables of Talumos is a top-down retro-style action-adventure game set in a unique fantasy world, complete with magic monsters and a whole lot of exploration. 

      Dan Beckerton takes inspiration from his experiences with the Zelda franchise, Warcraft III, and, surprise, surprise, Dark Souls. Talomus is a colorful place breathing with life, courtesy of its four distinct races. The Hetonians are your good old human race; the Skogen is a race of deer-like humanoids with a strong affinity for nature; the Forlorn is cursed dragon-born humanoids brought to life by evil sorcery, and the Fallen are the undead hordes that seek revenge on everything that breathes freaky. You'll follow the story of an adventurer named Oskar as he travels through the moonlight realm to save his wife from an ominous disaster.

      Really cranking up the “follow your dreams” quote to the extreme now, are we? Fables of Talumos is definitely worth checking out if you're a diehard retro epic fantasy fanatic. 




      Adventuring is nice, but there are safer ways to make a living in the old-timey days of yore. Breakfast Studios got you covered with Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator, and no joke, it's literally what the title says. It's all in first-person, and it's up to you to do all the medieval shopkeeping things like crafting, buying and selling, franchising your medieval shops, and dabbling in a little bit of magic. No medieval game would be complete without a bit of arcane now, wouldn't it?

      The low-poly style adds a bit of charm to the game's world, and while you won't be venturing far and wide, you won't be stuck behind a shopkeep’s table either. There's a lot to do and very little time in the kingdom, and Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator looks to keep you busy if you're up to the challenge. So which medieval epic adventure do you choose? Go out and save the world? Or chill a bit and let the coin flow? Whatever path you take, just make sure you have fun on your journey! 

      Check out Kickstarter for more games mentioned, and check back with us for more updates! Join our Discord Channel for awesome discussions on all things retro, video games, and cats! 

      Weekly Gaming News: Legend of Mana: Teardrop Crystal, Dandy & Randy DX, Elden Ring

      Weekly Gaming News

      We're back for some Weekly Gaming News! 

      It's about time we wrapped up the month and a lot has happened, and we mean a lot. While the Retroverse still manages to churn out some interesting news stories from the past, it somehow managed to catch up with 2022. What do we mean by this? Well, stick around, and I'll tell you. Let's go! 

      Legend of Mana: Tear Drop Crystal

      First, we're taking a look at Square Enix and their epic collab with Warner Brothers Japan. This time it’s for a nostalgia trip for the ages, the release of Legend of Mana: Teardrop Crystal. A new anime based on the popular Legend of Mana action-RPG video game. Now, that definitely brings back memories. The show is slated to drop this 2022, and as part of the announcement, Square Enix and Warner Brothers dropped the key visual for the show, plus a teaser trailer. Everything looks updated, but you can't deny that old-school 90s-feel it brings. This special anime project is part of the Mana/Seiken Densetsu 30th Anniversary Celebrations. It features a young boy named Shiloh who hears a mysterious voice in his dreams that sets him out on an epic adventure.

      Dandy and Randy DX

      Now, for some adulting! Yes, you heard me! Brazilian indie developers Asteristic Game Studio have created an action-adventure puzzle game that's cute, fun, and somehow very realistic. Okay, it's pretty terrifying. Dandy and Randy DX is a game based on the very adult concept of bankruptcy. Now, tell me that isn't the least bit scary. Dandy, a pink duck, and his partner Randy a blue-plane-flying rabbit are a couple of go-getting archaeologists who owe a heck of a lot of money to a big bank. What follows is a single-player or co-op adventure where you solve puzzles and explore underground caverns to find valuable treasures that go straight to the Tax Man.  It ain't much, but it's honest work. 

      The game features an array of equipment and items that help you on your journey. Think Legend of Zelda and Stardew Valley, but you could end up in jail if you don't farm hard enough. I think that's a pretty good way to motivate. Despite the premise, it's a gorgeous pixel art game packed with a banging chiptune soundtrack that'll bring back memories from summer days, and it gives us a dose of reality at the same time. Dandy and Randy DX is currently available on PS4, PS5, Microsoft Xbox One and Xbox Series XS Steam PC, and Nintendo Switch. So, if you're looking to go on a grand adventure that involves action, excitement, and adulting, then this game might be worth checking out. Just make sure to check your credit score.


      Elden Ring Unofficial Demake

      Now, on to something a bit more recent. So, we all know that Elden Ring has been around for a while now and that being the case, it's also brought along its fair share of mods from the community. Some of which are, well, let's just call them strange, for lack of a better term. However, you can't deny how wild and creative the community is when it comes to their imagination. Think of a mod; they got it. 

      But what about hardware? Well, apparently, they got that covered too. Enter Twitch streamer shintendoTV, a game streamer who also happens to specialize in a bit of retro game development. If you're not a fan of Elden Ring's AAA graphics and beautiful sprawling landscapes, you're in luck because, thanks to good old Shin, we might have an actual working Game Boy remake on our hands. Or, as he likes to call it, a demake. Man, Game Boy studio is awesome. He's since streamed a series of videos showing us the project's scope, and it's looking pretty good. A lot of the actual game details are baked right into the Game Boy remake, down to the “You Died” screen. So far, it's the cutest “Game Over” ever! ShintendoTV looks to get things wrapped up by the end of May and plans to make the actual game available for download both for emulators and actual Game Boy hardware. You can check out his Twitch channel for any updates. So next time you see a few people ranting about how Elden Ring doesn't meet their expectations, remember that they'll have a Game Boy version to check out pretty soon. And maybe that's what they wanted all along. Maybe. 

      And that's our news for now! We'll always be back for more, in the weeks to come. If you have any other Retro news that you want to share, let us know on our Discord channel!