Another Reigny Day is a 360°, immersive VR castle siege game. Strap on your Vive gear and step into the armor of a lone warrior tasked with defending an outpost from all angles as ogres, necrognomecers, and goblin swine riders assault his tower. Fully realized defenses, such as the longbow, powerful cannon, and magic spellbook, allow you to unleash chicken arrows, grapeshot, and menacing shrubbery on your enemies. You'll have to use all wits and all your weapons to strategize and stay one step ahead of the dynamic enemy forces. Multiple game modes and unique waves of enemies in every match promise hours of content. Improve your skills and rise through ranks, from a lowly peasant to an almighty king.

The horde approaches. Can you make it through Another Reigny Day?


Released from his contract with the Salem Cauldrons (a broomball expansion team), Jerambe is a free agent looking for a villain overlord. Attacking human outposts is how he keeps his wing span impressive during the off-season.

A community leader, a reptilian villain, and the unrefuted master of the kingdom skies. Watch for his scaley swats and BBQ breath!

What’s a garden gnome doing following up a giant dragon? This isn’t any run of the mill gnome, this is the Necrognomecer. Spending time on the front lawn of the local lich yard has taught him a thing or too, and he can spawn smaller, faster, gnomier minions to shake up the players world.

They’re rabid, they’re enchanted, and they want to eat your lawn flamingoes. These Necrognomecer minions have the numbers, the speed, the ferocity – everything but the height.

Big Phun had a mediocre freestyle rap career, but when called upon, doesn’t mind rising to the occasion with his heritage. Don’t let the picture fool you, this giant is a 40-foot monstrosity. He can also pull tiny goblins from his fanny pack and plant them atop the castle walls.

Your first rock monster is something you never forget. With this rock monster, he makes it feel like the first time, every time. Super high hit points and defense make him hard to ignore, too.

Sir Cannedspam wields either a heroic axe or simply using his gauntlet to slam down victory.

Wielding a club bigger than his torso, Scott makes up for in strength what he lacks in sight. Loves monocles, hates arrows.