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      Gaming News

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News: Playdate & You Suck At Parking

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News: Playdate & You Suck At Parking

      Hey, there I'm back for more weekly gaming news.


      Today we start off with a console! Sure it's something to play games on but this one's a little different. Meet the Playdate : it's a yellow square console that's the size of a post-it pad made by the developers at Panic. It's got an a button, b button, d-pad, Wi-fi, bluetooth, usb-c charging port, a headphone jack, and the coolest part i think is a crank seriously a crank on the side that you use to control the games makes you think of the play date as an upgraded form of a fidget spinner right it's got a mono speaker and reflective black and white display works as a nice low power clock when you're not using it too now let's discuss the games on this pocket size console what's so unique about this is the season a whole season is 24 free games that cater to a lot of genres however you won't get them all at once you'll start to receive two games every week for a span of 12 weeks as they are sent to you over Wifi in the works also is a play date developer site where you will also be able to make your own playdate games the software will be free to download and side loading of games directly to your play date is easy which means you can also play games other people make in between game seasons I'm not quite finished on this panic has also made a play-date stereo dock that acts as a charger a stereo bluetooth speaker and a pen holder with a matching yellow pen all yours for pre-order at $179 so shall we make it a playdate I think.

      So I got a question for you would you rather suck at racing or parking? I'd rather suck at racing and prefer to be really good at You Suck At Parking. You suck at parking is a brand new racing game from happy volcano it's like American ninja meets fast and furious meets real life I'm not even close to joking the objective is to try and park your car into spaces as cleanly as possible the spaces aren't the ones you see in regular parking lots where they're all lined up nicely these spaces are either located on a cliff or ledge even in a slant position the catch is to only stop when you're sure to park on the space if you stop you won't be allowed to start the car again and some levels will have you on limited fuel like I said real life did i mention the obstacle courses yep you'll have slippery roads boosters jump pads swinging hammers ramps and even industrial fans making your parking all the more challenging you can customize your car pull off tricks like spinning mid-air and even drift you have to remember to not go too slow as your timer will jam up ruining your score watch out for the corners too because you might find yourself flying over the edge and costing you a life there will be a real life leaderboard which lets players try to beat each other's times the visuals on this game have a cartoony feel to it and the music i have to say is impressive both of which should make the experience all the more enjoyable something to really watch out for and put on your wish list youth second parking won the dev com indie awards 2021 as well as an honorable mention at the unfold games awards this year it launches next year for PC, XBOX, Playstation and Nintendo switch hopefully with this game we all become masters at parking.

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      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - Chocobo GP, Rainbow Billy & Jack Axe

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - Chocobo GP, Rainbow Billy & Jack Axe

      Hey Everyone, this is your weekly gaming news!

      We've got a mix of features this week that you should explore for yourself! Three words for this first game: racing, final fantasy, and Switch. The title is Chocobo GP .It's a card game that looks quite a lot like Mario Kart but includes characters from across the Final Fantasy series. Other characters confirmed for the game are Sharoma and Vivi. A lot of the courses will be Final Fantasy inspired and very fitting, as you will be competing against other Final Fantasy characters. You can do this either offline or online like Mario Kart. You will use abilities to knock other racers out in the hopes to reach the finish line first. Now i know it has a lot of similarities to Mario Kart but in Chocobo GP, online tournaments are possible! Competitions with as many as 64 players can happen, the assumption is that these 64 racers will be split into eight groups of eight, with the winners qualifying for an eight person final. No specific date of release for Chocobo GP, only that it's coming to Switch by 2022.

      From one colorful feature to the next ,this is Rainbow Billy The Curse of the Leviathan, a universal coming of age story that explores very relatable themes like empathy compassion inclusion and self-identity. Hopepunk is the exact opposite of Grimdark. Hope Punk games like Rainbow Billy restore faith in the goodness of humanity and send a message that everything is going to be okay. You'll play Rainbow Billy, a fisherman who was out fishing when the evil leviathan cast a spell that washes away all color from the world of imagination. Billy, together with his rainbow-powered fishing boat, try to restore color to the world in a non-violent and empathetic way. Combat in this game equates to dialogue with different creatures. It can appear as a pong-style minigame, where specific symbols have to be hit to create your argument. Winning the creature is over means your team grows with more members to help you save other creatures and restore the world's color. You'll have 60 creatures to collect that vary from cats. walruses, and even unicorns. Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan is now available on PS4 XBox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

      Rainbow Billy The Curse of the Leviathan

      Rounding up this list is some girl power! Her name is Jack, she holds an axe and she is Jackaxe! It is a platformer game about Jack who breaks tradition by taking on a man's job of wielding an axe. Enjoy this 2d open-world adventure that features a Norse Filipino fantasy fusion. Now like Thor, Jack can use her axe to perform incredible feats. Girls love to start a party, so you can play with up to four players in a campaign and party modes or you can take on the world by yourself girls can do either right this is a story written by Thea and Renate Silvestre together with their three imaginative daughters how cool is that Jack Axe launches today October 7th. Have fun! More weekly gaming news soon.


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      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - Silverball Museum: A Retro Arcade Experience

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - Silverball Museum: A Retro Arcade Experience
      In case you haven’t noticed, or you are new here. We are huge fans of all things retro gaming. So we keep an eye out for any exciting retro news to share with you. This week we found out about another awesome arcade in Delray Beach, Florida. It’s called the Silverball Museum - Retro Arcade.

      Read more

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - Arcade Paradise

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - Arcade Paradise

      Have you ever wanted to open your very own arcade but can't because, well, it's expensive? Well, here's your chance with a new game releasing this year called Arcade Paradise.

      The retro-themed game is being developed by Nosebleed Interactive and published by Wired Productions. You play as Ashley, who has been given the keys to the family business, a laundromat. Being smart and cool, you decide to turn it into a super rad arcade.

      The Steam page shares that you can "Choose from over 35 games to be in the arcade inspired by three decades of gaming, all of which are playable with high scores to set. Stay one step ahead of your father, manage and invest profits, and build your very own Arcade Paradise!" And if you're a fan of 90s music, you'll love the soundtrack, which is "inspired by some of the great records of the early 90s."

      There isn't a release date just yet, but we'll be keeping track of when Arcade Paradise is available to play because we're excited.

      What do you think of the concept? Is this a game you would be interested in playing?


      Click here to buy Arcade Paradise!

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - Zelda Game & Watch and Tamagotchi Smart

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - Zelda Game & Watch and Tamagotchi Smart

      You guys remember Tamagotchi pets, right? The little digital pets that we spend every hour of every day on for a month, and then they died after we forgot about them in some corner of our room? Well, they're coming back in watch-form along with the Legend of Zelda-themed Game & Watch console.

      The Zelda-themed Game & Watch is releasing to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the franchise and will include four games: The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, Link's Awakening, and an updated version of Vermin, with Link smashing the moles. We can't believe it's been 35 years since the beloved franchise launched. Speaking of which, we also can't believe it's been 25 years since the release of the original Tamagotchi pets.

      The upcoming smartwatches come in various colors and bear a striking resemblance to the initial pets. They come with new characters and you can use your voice to wake them up and pet them. They will also have a camera, a clock, and a pedometer, so they're obviously multi-purpose and totally necessary right?

      The Zelda Game & Watch will be available on November 12th, but the Tamagotchi Smart will only be available in Japan. We're keeping a very close eye on any international release for our little nostalgia pets.
      Which one do you want first?