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      Gaming News

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - DOSBox Pure

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - DOSBox Pure

      There is nothing better than sitting down for a healthy dose of nostalgia and what better way than experiencing the PC games we used to play on DOS?

      Of course, to run any of those games these days you need an emulator, and one of the more popular ones is DOSBox. Thanks to, we now know about the brand new DOSBox Pure. And according to the creator of the hardware it's "A fork of DOSBox and emulator for DOS games, built for RetroArch, aiming for simplicity and ease of use." Indie developer Bernard Schelling shares that it took six months to develop and it boasts a plethora of useful features like automated controller mappings, rewind support, save states, and much more.

      Schelling is very clear that it's still in the public testing phase, saying "This initial release is feature-complete as of now for what I wanted to accomplish, yet it is clearly marked as intended for public testing. So try to be constructive and as technical as possible if something doesn't work as expected. I'll be thankful."

      We would be more than happy to be public testers to play some Quake, Wolfenstein 3D, or The Secret of Monkey Island.

      Would you be interested in giving this new emulation software a shot?

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - There Was Almost a Myst Theme Park at Disney!

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - There Was Almost a Myst Theme Park at Disney!

      We've just got confirmation from the creators of Myst, the mega popular computer game from the 90s, that Disney did indeed plan on turning Discovery Island into a Myst theme park.

      If you're not familiar with Myst, it's a game where you get to adventure around the magical island of Myst, to solve puzzles and uncover secrets. It was massively popular, and was the most sold PC game until it was dethroned by the Sims in 2002.

      It was long rumor that Disney had planned on creating a theme park, based on the hit game, and in an interview with the A.V. Club Myst creator Rand Miller established the validity of the rumors saying "That was absolutely true. At some point, there were some really cool plans to do some stuff with Disney, we were looking at is as the ultimate incarnation of our world.

      He went on to say, "Their Imagineering team was excited about embracing that and building some stuff into it and tying it into the rest of the park where you could explore and have this real world experience. But the way Disney works and the way it had to fit in with their bigger scheme of things, and the way we didn't understand pieces of it, I think it fell apart from their point of view."

      And so, we don't know exactly why the plan was never put into action. But now that we know it was a possibility, we would love to see this brought to life!

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - From Below released on the Nintendo Vs.

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - From Below released on the Nintendo Vs.

      There will always be a special place in our hearts for Tetris. It brings back such wonderful memories and it's still legitimately fun to play to this day.

      So we were pretty excited to hear from about a brand new Tetris-like game, that will be the first game to be released on the Nintendo Vs. In 30 years. This game is called From Below and was first announced in May of last year,. It was originally released for the NES. In the game you get to take on the legendary Kraken and it's ever present tentacles pushing more and more blocks on the screen as you quickly try to clear them. gives us a great breakdown of the game, saying that it's "A hybrid Tetris-style games that doesn't just feature great animation, but top quality detail and classic gameplay we've loved since the era of the original." We can't wait to give this game a whirl, whether it's on the NES, or the Nintendo Vs.

      Is this game something that you would be interested in playing?

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - Mom Throws Out Valuable Retro Collection

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - Mom Throws Out Valuable Retro Collection

      Leaving stuff stored at your parents house may seem like a good idea. But if there's any value to it, you better let them know.

      That's the lesson that one Twitter user found out the hard way.

      The user in question goes by the name J&L Game, and he shared a tweet that's especially terrifying to retro game fans everywhere, saying "Well, by my estimate I lost well over $500,000 of games. I left my old stuff in storage (my mom's home). Today I found out she threw out my Ataris, Famicom, S Famicom, TGfx, PCE, NG AES, MegaDrive, Master System, basically every system and game I never took with me."

      Our heart hurts after reading that, and if it wasn't bad enough, she also threw out a comic book collection along with some music gear and skateboards. Apparently, this mom was quite literally sick of his crap.

      Has anything like this ever happened to you?

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - Using the Xbox to Play PS2 Games

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - Using the Xbox to Play PS2 Games

      The PS5 doesn't have backwards compatibility, but that's not a problem for retro fans like Modern Vintage Gamer on YouTube.

      Apparently some people are using the Xbox to play PS2 games with an emulation software called RetroArch, and the developer mode available with the Xbox series S. It runs incredibly well aside from the occasional bug, and we can't help but find it pretty funny that the PS5 can't run any of the classic PlayStation games, but the Xbox can.

      Regardless of how they got there it was neat to see games like God of War being played while holding up its frame rate and showing only some minor texture issues according to Modern Vintage Gamer.

      Would you be interested in emulating some classic PS2 games?

      To hear more about it and to see more gameplay, click the link below!