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      You can do big things with a small team. Life is too short to not follow your dreams. At Mega Cat Studios, we’ve been fortunate to assemble an international team of like-minded cats who share this dream, and are doing something about it. In a digital age, we’re keeping it physical and making new games for mediums that our community is passionate about..

      The video game community is wide and full of diverse people. Being effective, innovative, and inclusive means keeping in mind that traditions and commonplaces may need to be challenged. We love what the IGDA stands for, as well as amplifying those words with a whiskered touch.

      Women as a Reward

      Receiving a woman as a reward isn't progressive. At MCS, you won't win a person, you'll win something much more creative, relevant, and unique that won't have an impact on a character's sex appeal. Unless you feel those urges related to which case...well, watch out.

      Sexualization & Body Representation

      Women drawn to be primarily sexual without any depth is played out. Varied body and shape aren't just realistic, they're unrepresented. We're changing that!

      Stereotyping & Casual Racism

      Characters that fall into overdone and inaccurate cultural stereotypes such as the angry black man, drunk Russians, and the token minority cast member that over-simplify minorities in this manner are something we will not contribute to. As an example, our goblins are gainfully employed, contributing members of society. And they're registered to vote.

      Monsters are just men!

      In fact, some of our favorite characters that we've developed are female monsters, or, lacking any reasonable indicator of gender identity at all.

      Being Thoughtful of Varying Abilities

      Includification is a great guide for increasing accessibility options in games to better include people who may be mobility, visual, hearing, or cognitively-impaired. This kind of design has a "no negative impact on the game design."

      Some examples are:

      • Remappable keys for those with muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, MS.
      • Closed captioning & changeable font/text colors for hearing-impaired.
      • Alternative views, enemy marking, and color-blind options for visually-impaired.
      • Training levels, tutorials, and difficulty levels for cognitive inclusion.

      Taking action from the inside

      We're proud to have an international team that includes the entire spectrum of experience, gender and background. What they all have in common is a passion for the lost art of retro game creation with an emphasis on artisanal, physical releases. Everyone has a seat at the table and has a voice in the process. We're strengthened by the collaboration this provides, and cannot wait to share our projects with you.