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      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - Yoyo's Great Adventure

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - Yoyo's Great Adventure is at it again, sharing the upcoming new retro games. This time, with Yoyo's Great Adventure.

      The adorable adventure game transports you to ancient Poland, as Yoyo, a cute little creature that's completely original. Yoyo's Great Adventure was created as an entry to the Yandex programming contest, and now we can't wait to play it. However, you need the classic ZX Spectrum from 1982 to run such a game. offers us some great insights into the game saying, "The story and gameplay however is inspired by the mechanics of a puzzle platformer that resembles 'Dizzy' games, except with a completely different story, character, locations, and more you'll just have to experience for yourself."

      Is Yoyo's Great Adventure an adventure you'd like to go on?