240p Test Suite
240p Test Suite
240p Test Suite
240p Test Suite
240p Test Suite
240p Test Suite

240p Test Suite

So you've got your retro console dusted off, and your brand new Mega Cat game ready to rock. There's just one problem. Will your old Genesis run on your 4K, Hi-Def, 3-D, flatscreen, intergalactic, holographic smart TV?

When using a classic game system on modern TVs, you have to take into account the type of video that the system can output, and how your TV reads that signal. Each set-up has its own unique considerations. Improper signal can cause lag, sprite flicker, or other anomalies which can kill the fun right out of your retro gaming experience.

Eliminate the guesswork  and guarantee a working set-up with 240p Test Suite. This Sega Genesis (works on Mega Drive too!) cartridge contains open source software developed by Artemio which tests scanline conversion and TV processing in systems involving new TVs and old consoles. Not only has it been tested on a variety of displays, but it also enables users to optimize colors, linearity, and other factors for distinct console set-ups.

240p Test Suite allows you to test and calibrate:

  • SMPTE Color Bars & EBU Color bars
  • Colour Bars With Gray Scale
  • Colour Bleed Check
  • Grid
  • Linearity
  • Gray Ramp
  • White Screen
  • 100 IRE
  • Sharpness
  • Overscan

Don’t let new tech get in the way of retro gaming. Get 240p Test Suite and verify that your gaming set-up is ready for old-school, on the couch goodness.

The 240p Test Suite is published with permission from Artemio Urbina. The source code is released under the GPL. Homebrew and open source SDKs have been used on the platforms so far. The test pattern images used to generate the graphical data for the console versions are included along with the source code.
Find out more about the creator of here.