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Expedition for the Nintendo Entertainment System
Expedition for the Nintendo Entertainment System
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Expedition for the Nintendo Entertainment System

Built for Speed!

If you've ever wanted to play a tabletop/card-based RPG, but have said things like "I don't have the time" or "it's too complicated," then Expedition is for you! 

Perfect for those of you who love RPGs but no longer have the time to commit whole weekends to a single game, simply plug in your Nintendo Entertainment System and prepare for a gaming companion unlike anything you've played before! 

Easy to learn and play: Forget spending hours of setup and planning time, play in under 5 minuets! 

Fast-paced combat: Your party has a limited amount of time to decide in combat what actions to take - better think on your feet if you wish to survive!

Endless Possibilities: Simple does not mean shallow here, with community-written quests and advanced game modes, experience near unlimited replayability for you and your friends! 

Nintendo Entertainment System Edition

This NES Special Edition of Expedition comes complete with a copy of the Expedition card game to get you started. From there, blast your adventure into 8 bit awesomeness with the official Expedition NES companion video game! Complete with full-color manual and HQ box, these features are only available here at Mega Cat Studios!

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NTSC and PAL gamers worry not! Expedition works on both region's respective consoles!