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      Game Culture — indie gaming

      #8DaysofPixelFeature - Day 8: My Familiar

      #8DaysofPixelFeature - Day 8: My Familiar

      Welcome to Wish City.

      My Familiar is a comedy noir, inspired by games, movies and media from the late 80s to early 90s era. In this buddy-cop isekai RPG, wake up as a fresh familiar on the mean streets of Wish City, where the denizens are dark and corruption is king. Fight, flee, and aggressively rap your way through a vibrant inner-city gauntlet of dysfunctional demons.

      My Familiar is developed by Chintzy Ink.

      All assets used in this blog belong to the rightful owner.


      Contact Chintzy Ink via their Twitter and Website!

      Check My Familiar on Steam and watch the trailer here: 

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      #8DaysofPixelFeature - Day 7: Detective Instinct: Farewell, My Beloved

      #8DaysofPixelFeature - Day 7: Detective Instinct: Farewell, My Beloved

      A murdered man, a missing woman... Question witnesses and solve the mystery before the end of your three day train journey in this detective adventure game.

      Following the grisly murder of a man in an unassuming hotel, a woman vanishes without a trace while traveling on a cross-country train. The catch? Nobody on board remembers her ever existing in the first place - nobody, except for you.

      Can you solve the mystery of the missing woman before the end of your trip abroad?

      Detective Instinct: Farewell, My Beloved is a brand new Detective Adventure Game/Visual Novel, in the style of classic adventure games from Japan. Investigate areas and interrogate witnesses on the path towards solving the mystery and uncovering a sinister conspiracy!


      • A suspenseful and moving story, inspired by hard-boiled crime fiction, classic cinema, and other classic adventure (ADV) games
      • A unique and striking art style, combining highly expressive 2D pixel art portraits and old-school prerendered 3D backgrounds
      • A colorful cast of characters to interrogate, with many unique interactions and optional dialogue should you explore the game thoroughly
      • Lavish original soundtrack in various musical styles, from jazz to orchestral

      Detective Instinct: Farewell, My Beloved is developed by Armonica LLC.

      All assets used in this blog belong to the rightful owner.


      Contact Armonica LLC via their Twitter!

      Check Detective Instinct: Farewell, My Beloved on Steam and watch the trailer here: 

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      #8DaysofPixelFeature - Day 6: Dwarves: Glory, Death, & Loot

      #8DaysofPixelFeature - Day 6: Dwarves: Glory, Death, & Loot

      Assemble your dwarf legion and annihilate tons of orcs! This game provides a refreshing combat experience, cleverly integrating RPG growth, roguelike adventures, and auto-chess. It's fast-paced yet rich in strategic depth - perfect for slacking off during work and decompression!

      Create your fully customizable army of dwarves and lead them to victory! Strategize with up to 10 individual beardlings in this combination of classic RPGs, roguelikes and auto-battlers. Decimate orcs, fight trolls and battle dragons - There will be Glory, Death and humongous amounts of Loot!

      As a novice commander of the dwarf legion, your journey begins with two dwarves. They start out with rudimentary gear and weak combat abilities. Only by defeating enemies, gaining experience and gold, fully equipping them, honing their battle skills, and recruiting more warriors to your ranks can you triumph.

      Every dwarf warrior can be customized to your liking. Equip them with different gear, and they'll take on vastly different roles. Some will become sturdy tanks able to withstand heavy damage, some will become agile assassins or archers, and some will become high damage output, yet fragile mages.

      By adjusting your dwarves' gear and formation, you can alter your legion's lineup and combat style on the fly. Design your ideal battle strategies and build a Dwarf Legion that is truly your own.

      After each battle, players can choose one of three branches to follow. You can choose to slay monsters to level up, buy equipment, or hire new warriors. Each choice carries its own opportunities and risks.

      Also, as you play more, you'll acquire gems that unlock various skills in your skill book, providing bonuses for all your future battles, and further enhancing your preferred combat style.

      As your Dwarf Legion becomes increasingly powerful, the number and strength of your enemies will rise correspondingly, turning the battlefield into a highly intense arena.

      Facing different enemy configurations, adjust your legion's equipment and positions in a timely manner. Increase your frontline defenses if the enemy is launching a lot of assaults. If the enemy has numerous mages, focus on disrupting their backline. Only with correct tactics can you increase your chances of winning.

      If you blindly focus on improving your stats and fight with an unsuitable formation, you may be led around by the enemy or have your backline cut off. The result might not be optimistic, so please make sure to learn from your experiences, think strategically, and utilize your tactics fully!

      Although players can already jump in and enjoy commanding their Dwarf Legions, the game is still in the Demo phase. More new gear, professions, maps, and bosses are coming to heat up the battle even more!
      It won't be too long. Stay tuned!

      Dwarves: Glory, Death, & Loot is developed by Ichbinhamma.

      All assets used in this blog belong to the rightful owner.


      Contact Ichbinhamma via their Twitter!

      Get Dwarves: Glory, Death, & Loot on Steam and watch the trailer here: 

      Follow our #8DaysofPixelFeature showcase on our Twitter account!