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      Gaming News — #gaming news

      WEEKLY DOSE OF GAMING NEWS: Godzilla Balls, Moon Patrol, SiPeed

      WEEKLY DOSE OF GAMING NEWS: Godzilla Balls, Moon Patrol, SiPeed

      Seasons are changing worldwide, but one thing stays the same. That's a whole lot of love for retro gaming, and even at this point, we're still a bit surprised by how much love and care the old-school community has for both playing and developing games of old.

      The same can be said for consoles, which, in spite of newer and shinier tech coming out almost every month, still have a few gadgets that cater to retro sensibilities. Yes, we're living it up. As the month of April rolls in, we're bringing you a bonafide classic, a cuter take on a badass monster from the East, and a retro handheld that takes the term handheld a bit too seriously size-wise.

      If you've got a hankering for some old-school goodness, stick around for your weekly dose of goodness!


      First up, a little surprise for all MSX users. If you're a fan of puzzle games and epic kaiju battles but downscaled a bit, then you'll be hyped to know that Paxanga Software just dropped Godzilla Balls. And no, we're not talking about garancho and spheres, because that's the name of the game, quite literally.

      In Godzilla Balls, you take control of Big G himself or Japan's favorite scary turtle, Gamera, as you explore a variety of levels while collecting balls and avoiding confrontation. Sadly, no city-wide kaiju battles here, just a whole lot of wholesome fun. As stated by Paxanga themselves, the MSX game runs on 16 KB of RAM and features puzzle exploration and action elements. 

      The game’s plot follows Godzilla and Gamera is trying to escape the evil Dr. Shorizawa by collecting all the balls to achieve freedom. It's also worth noting that a physical edition celebrating the 70th anniversary of Godzilla might be released under pre-order later this year. So if you're a huge Kaiju fan or simply love our favorite radioactive menace, then stay tuned.  


      And just like that, we're back with the good old Amiga, this time with the Port of Classic. Fans of Irem's 1980s arcade scrolling shooter Moon Patrol has a brand new beta build for the Amiga, and we are hyped. This new downloadable AGA build includes a lot of improvements from the previous version, and also includes a brand-new city scene. If you're unfamiliar with Moon Patrol, it's a classic title that's widely regarded as the pioneer of parallax scrolling, as it was introduced in the side scrollers that we play today. And there are a lot of games that took influence from this, which is awesome. 

      In Moon Patrol, you take control of a badass buggy where you drive, jump, and shoot your way across a variety of landscapes, all the while destroying or avoiding UFOs that obviously don't come in peace. Yes, peace was never an option for the Moon Patrol. Now, while this does look fun and awesome, we've yet to determine when the final version's coming out. So, keep your eyes peeled for any news we might have on Moon Patrol.  


      We've had our fair share of retro centric handhelds as of late, and while they're all nice and sleek, they're a bit on the chonky side. That's not the case for the upcoming gaming gadget by SiPEED, though. The open source hardware platform revealed that they're working on a mini handheld that uses FPGA technology. That being the case, we're looking at a device that runs just like the analogue pocket, which has a different take when it comes to emulating video games.


      The retro game pocket is set to feature a two-inch LCD display with a 480x360 resolution, a mini HDMI, and a sweet 1500 MAH battery. This will be more retro than most handhelds, as it'll be powered by a TangPrimer 25k processor with 64MB of RAM, so we won't be looking at PS3 or 3DS titles here. But if you're into NES, SNES, or any Game Boy title known to man, you won't be having any problems. All in all, it's a big 180 when it comes to size, and it's definitely more compact than your usual handheld. And we can't wait till it drops. 


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      WEEKLY DOSE OF GAMING NEWS: Vigilante, JetHuntERS, Playtron

      WEEKLY DOSE OF GAMING NEWS: Vigilante, JetHuntERS, Playtron

      As the first quarter of 2024 comes to a close and things start to heat up, well it's high time we followed suit by bringing you more action. While we haven't failed in bringing you the most exciting titles and interesting consoles this side of retro, we make sure to pick and choose just the right kind of flavor for everyone.

      This time, we're going from the mean city streets to literal outer space just to taste that action. In the console department, we got a doohickey that looks to challenge the titans of the handheld industry by sprinkling a bit of old-school ingenuity into some beefy modern hardware. So, if you're ready for your weekly dose of action, you've come to the right place!


      First up, we got an awesome combination involving Neeso Games, the ever-reliable Scorpion Engine, and the Commodore Amiga. Three things that you definitely want in the same sentence. While everyone patiently waits for the upcoming Neeso Games arcade platformer Super Delivery Boy, we got something a bit more gritty and in your face but still makes sure to deliver. And by deliver, we mean epic beatdowns. 

      Vigilante is a side-scrolling, fist-fighting good time that sees you enforcing brutal citywide justice against the usual bad guys. Powered by the Scorpion engine, this port from the Sega Master System looks pretty smooth and snappy in its initial footage. As a work in progress, the first two levels and all sprites have been graphically retouched to complete, with spawning enemies and even cutscenes.

      According to Neeso Games, we're just waiting on the boss fights and a few more tweaks before we can all go hard on being a bonafide Vigilante. Best to keep your aisles peeled for this.  


      Now we're going from punching and kicking goons in the street to shooting up a storm in outer space, but still on the Amiga. Thanks to Coagulus, we're getting an early build preview of their work in progress in the form of some sweet footage. The game in question? A side-scrolling space shoot em up for the Amiga called JetHuntERS.

      According to Coagulus, this isn't just a sequel to 2019's JetHunt, but it's also a partial tribute to the classic game Zybex, which came out on 8-bit computers in the 1980s. However, it hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows for JetHuntERS, as the development process experienced quite a few bumps along the way, with bugs to fix and about a year's worth of code getting lost somewhere in between. Still, the initial teaser looks pretty good, and given how well JetHunt was received before, we might just be looking at a nice sequel. Fingers crossed!



      In a world full of brand new handheld devices, both AAA and Retro, it's quite the tall task just to get your foot in the door. I mean, seriously, it's like the release of a new device every other month. Tech's running wild, you guys. That being said, one plucky little startup might have that golden ticket in the form of a powerful OS. Enter Playtron, the supposed answer for the core casual gamer. 

      Looking back, the AYANEO Next Lite was supposed to be the chosen one. This was after news dropped that it would be running on SteamOS. As we all know, we got Windows instead. While emulation was possible, most gamers were left disappointed, but the 18-person team at Playtron looked to challenge the handheld competition by targeting one huge demographic, the casual gamers. And that, boys and girls, includes the retro side. 

      The goal is to have seamless emulation of games from the near and distant past, from PS3 to Nintendo FamiCom. Playtron's endgame involves providing a cost-effective OS that can open up more emulation possibilities for other companies. This means more games are getting emulated and, in turn, being played.

      At the end of the day, it won't matter which handheld you use because Playtron might just make it possible for you to run just about anything. Interesting stuff, for sure. We’ll, definitely stay tuned for more. 


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      WEEKLY DOSE OF GAMING NEWS: Hermanos, Krogharr, FlipOnGo

      WEEKLY DOSE OF GAMING NEWS: Hermanos, Krogharr, FlipOnGo

      Now, when it comes to video games of the old-school variety, there's definitely a wide selection to choose from, whether it be straight-up classics you played 20 years ago, a refined version of an already awesome retro gem, or a totally new beast with a vintage coat of paint. Best believe we have our eyes peeled.

      The same goes for consoles that seem to be popping up left and right. There's literally a whole lot to unpack. But as we go through our catalog of action-packed titles, we have a couple that might pique your interest this week. Aside from that, a very large and very fun gaming machine from the past might just find its way into your fingertips. If you're curious, stick around to know more and read below our new features!


      If you're a proud owner of a Commodore 64, then we have a game that might challenge you. We're talking about a homebrew that recently made waves and made appeals to those who like a game with a good amount of difficulty. Thanks to D.Rejiment, we're looking at a C64 release for Hermanos, a neat new puzzle platformer with a bit of a kick.

      The game sees players taking control of good ol Hermanos through 20 challenging levels, collecting gold as you go along. The challenge here lies with the movement. Hermanos can't jump or climb. He can only warp himself into a certain position. In the end, you need to reach the end hole of the current level to reach the next one.

      As if that wasn't hard enough, you only have 250 seconds to get the job done.  So if you think you've got what it takes, grab a couple of your hermanos and challenge them to a game of Hermanos.


      Now for some brutal, barbaric action on the Amiga. If you're familiar with the work of Tigerskunk, Like Inviyya, there's a new game in town that packs a punch. We got a brand new demo to his upcoming sidescroller called Krogharr, a new OCS action slasher that not only looks good but hits hard. While we only have a demo to work with, we do have a bit of info about the game. 

      The game's plot involves the evil Chieftain Pilsator, who stole all the beer from Krogharr's home village. And we know what happens when you steal all the beer from a barbarian. A whole lot of action, packed fun for everyone, except Pilsater. As of now, it's confirmed that the game should work on each Amiga model with 512k chip, plus 512k extra RAM from A1000 upwards. As for its release, we might be getting it this April. So if you want to help Kroghar get the party restarted, keep your eyes peeled next month.  


      Now, for something less violent but way more retro, if you've ever played on a pinball machine or fooled around on the only starting game that was any fun on Windows NT and had a whole lot of fun, then the FlipOnGo might be up your alley.

      Designed and created by Giacomo Carlini, this cute little console has one focus and one focus alone: Pinball. Yes, you won't be able to emulate or play anything else on this doohickey, but from aesthetics alone, it's worth checking out. While that may be the case, you do get a few cool modern gaming themes like Valorant, Overwatch, and League of Legends.

      If Giacomo comes up with a Baldur's Gate 3 version, maybe we'll see. The FlipOnGo is still a concept though, so don't expect it to come out anytime soon. It's definitely a cool novelty gadget that'll find its place into any collector's stash, or maybe into the hands of someone who misses good ol' 3D pinball.

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      Undoubtedly, we're breezing through the year like it's nobody's business, and those retro titles and old-school consoles just keep coming. Yes, most of those triple-A titles had a couple of major releases in the past couple of months, but that only means we get a steady stream of classic ports, remakes, and reimaginings lined up for you all.

      From the ZX Spectrum to the Commodore 64 to a literal lawnmower. You best believe we got the hottest weekly scoop just for you. So sit tight because you're in for one strange, but awesome ride!



      If you're looking for a cool, new ZX Spectrum game to play, then you're in luck. We've just got news that you can now play Packobilly's retro game of Arlo. But make no mistake, because this isn't your average platformer. In the game, you take on the role of Arlo, an alien stranded on Earth who's on a mission to retrieve some magical space-age artifacts.

      The journey you'll take is filled with danger at every turn. From menacing enemies like robots and soldiers to tricky traps and moving platforms. It's safe to say that Arlo will put your skills to the test. Paco Billy has really gone all out with meticulously designed levels, multiple themes, high-quality music, and gameplay that'll keep you on the edge of your seat. If you're a proud ZX Spectrum owner, Arlo should be on your list.  



      Now we move on to a port from the ZX Spectrum, the Commodore 64. We're looking at one of the most difficult games in Spanish software history. Abu Simbel Profanation was the third in the Johnny Jones saga and was originally released in 1985 for the Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, and MSX.

      Developed by Victor Ruíz and released by Dinamic Software in Spain, it's making its way to your C64 to challenge you. Players take on the role of Johnny Jones and explore the tomb of Abu Simbel. Your objective? Well, you rid yourself of the Pharaoh's Curse. Profanation is a static multi screen platformer with various traps, moving enemies, keys, and doors to unlock to progress.

      One thing to take note of is that it's extremely difficult. You're basically looking at Dark Souls granddaddy. Worry not, for if you play the game in emulation, you can use a quick save and load feature or take advantage of the infinite lives training modes in the laxity version released way back in 2018. It's a nice loophole, but come on, where's the challenge in that? So if you're up to the challenge, and if you dare, pick up Abu Simbel Profanation right now.  



      So about that thing we mentioned a while ago, about the lawnmowers. Yeah, we weren't joking. Yes, we talked a whole lot about Doom and Doomlegs on this channel, but nothing can prepare you for Doom on a robotic Husqvarna lawnmower. Not the console you quite expected, huh? 

      So basically, if you own a Husqvarna Automower narrow model, then you, too, can play the classic 1993 title and even hook up to other lawnmowers for multiplayer play. According to robotics software engineer at Husqvarna, Bjorn Manfred, the whole concept came to life over the Yuletide season when his friend was over for the holidays. I mean, just like most ideas, right? 

      While totally unexpected, it's definitely an exciting partnership between Husqvarna and ID Software. But if there's one thing they have in common though, it involves mowing things down with reckless abandonment. The robotic mowers start at around 3,400 USD, so it won't be the cheapest reason to play Doom. Still, if you do have one of these lying around, then it's time to fire up the good ol' soundtrack and slay some demons while keeping your lawn nicely maintained.  


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      The first quarter of 2024 is breezing past us at breakneck speed, which is kind of weird, given how January seemed like a whole year upfront. That being said, the games keep coming, and consoles keep dropping hints on their sweet specs, just tempting everyone without a release date.

      As always, we're here to get you the scoop on the latest retro titles and some handhelds worth your time. It's all about playing the games you want, the way you want. And we're here to make sure you get to play all day, every day. So sit back, relax, and let's slow things down a bit.



      We have some great news for anyone who's been following any updates on the Atari Falcon. Yes, we know you all have been waiting for games to come out, and we have just what the doctor ordered: hot and fresh. We just got news that Orion Soft just dropped the Atari Falcon game Alice Sisters. It's a new puzzle platformer with 28 levels in four worlds featuring some sweet two-player co-op.

      We got a bit of footage to work on, and it's looking pretty good. It's also worth noting that Alice Sisters went through three years of development before making its Atari Falcon computer. If you own an Atari Falcon 030 or 060, you'll still be in luck though. It takes 7 megabytes of RAM, 26 megabytes of disk space, and works on both VGA and your usual TV.

      The game was originally made for the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive, so seeing it come out on the Falcon is great. While the game is by no means perfect, it's still worth checking out. Especially if you're down for some two-player mayhem.  


      Now, for our ever-loving Amiga fans and friends, you all get a game every week, and we think it's awesome! We just got the news that Cobour just dropped an early build of their work-in-progress shoot 'em up for the Amiga called Neon World. This particular title looks to feature challenging areas to traverse, multiple enemy types, great tunes by Krzysztof Odachowski, and so much more.

      According to their site, this title was 30 years in the making and was supposed to be a small project for the Amiga 500. It was also in part due to many games not using the full PAL resolution of 320x256,  and that's where the attempt came to be. So far, we can't wait to see how things pan out. Now, if you're looking to step into a neon world as much as we are, then make sure to keep your eyes peeled. 



      It's console time yet again, and we got some nice rumors going around as of late. Of course, while unconfirmed for now, the truth always gets out at some point. The same can be said for the latest retro handheld devices. From the looks of things, Powkiddy is working on a new handheld called the RGB20SX.  Now, this news comes out hot and fresh thanks to the content creator Retro Handheld Collection via Instagram. Thanks! 

      r/SBCGaming - RGB20SX, the upcoming vertical handheld from PowKiddy

      Now, we're getting a direct upgrade to the older Powkiddy RGB20S. This one will basically be the Powkiddy RGB30 but in vertical format. This means a 1x1 display and repositioned dual analog sticks, but some of these specs are taken directly from the Powkiddy RGB20. This also means we're likely getting a 1.8GHz quad-core RK3356 chipset, 1GB of RAM, a 4-inch 720x720 display, and a big battery. We still need to wait for the official specs, of course. 

      The new Powkiddy probably won't be going against the bigger, more decked out, and more expensive handhelds, but that just means we could be getting something more affordable. If this cracks the sub $ 100 price range, then it could be a compelling budget choice. But we'll just have to wait and see. 


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