Bite the Bullet - Dev Log 1

Run & Gun,  Saw through flesh the new fashioned way or drill through enemies with fast-paced gunslinging with Bite the Bullet. This game combines some of our favorite game elements, ever, with some fun platforming, skill shots, power ups and fast game play.  Also, cannibalism.


In the 2Xth century, urbanization and pollution caused food and resource shortages. Humanity was able to adopt through technology, devising biologically-implanted nodes which allowed them to consume and metabolize any material, living or inorganic.

This necessity sparked a trend in biological manipulation, and soon mankind split itself into two species – the Celestials, who embraced bio-mods and expanded across the stars from their new lunar home; and the Ghouls, descendants of humans who never utilized the consumption nodes and remained behind on earth, poisoned and twisted by the conditions there.

The strife between these species has caused mistrust, suspicion, even war, and their planetary conflict has attracted the attention, and ire, of a being that is beyond all mortal Flesh.

Now, two champions - half-caste offspring with parents from both species - will attempt to save humanity’s future by fighting through its past on a desolate and perilous world.


Bite the Bullet is a biopunk run and gun action platformer featuring:

  • The choice to destroy or consume enemies, turning their biological matter into a number of upgrades.
  • 10 levels infested with bladed drones, flame turrets, lightning geckos, blimp rats, and helmet squids.
  • Turn enemies into defenses or weapons, like the Gurtha swarm blowgun, lightning gecko on a stick, or turtle shell plate armor
  • Save up all that consumed flesh and metal in the bio-meter to activate Zombro mode, and pound your foes into smoking ash and bone dust.


Vill and Dart

Two soldiers of the Lunarian forces who have a shared Purebread and Ghoul ancestry. They manage to keep their Ghoul genes hidden, but still carry the bio-implants which enable them to consume all manner of organic and inorganic material


Most Ghouls are content with eking out a meager existence on the husk of a planet Earth has become. Others intend to take out their human cousins by force, joining ranks under the Ghoul revolutionary leaders.

Lightning Geckos

Reptiles that have evolved bio-electric survival mechanisms. They are often hunted by Ghouls as both a source of power and for designer leather boots.


Sometimes, consumption nodes decay over time, and infect other organs of the host. These speedy Ghouls have significant brain damage, which affects their higher cognitive functions.

Dire Puffer Fish

Before the great lunar migration, many animals were developed for sport activities. Mechanically altered puffer fish were one of them, as they provided a deadly challenge to a typically peaceful activity.


The Purebreds left plenty of explosives behind on their journey to the Moon. Sappys intend to make this refuse into the instrument of the Purebreds demise.

Mega Mind

The consumption nodes were created in a bioware lab which was the bleeding edge of technology for its time. Long abondanded, the dispossessed bio-material and implants in the facility begin to cohere. Now, a central, seething mass looms at the core of the laboratory, and its tendrils can be felt throughout the building like a pulsing nervous system.


These large ghouls have several bio-modifications which provide them with super human strength, allowing them to wield suppressive fire weapons which are normally mounted on vehicles

Blimp Rats

Inflatable sacs in these creatures enable them to float into low hanging trees to gather fruit and leaves. Breathing in the gases stored in these sacs can cause nausea and hallucinations, making these animals short on natural predators.


Hand-picked by Ghoul forces for leg strength and bone density, these individuals were given special implants which allow them to control tiny muscles, allowing them to stabilize and withstand the recoil of their mighty weapons.

Hamster Squirrel

Mutant rodents with acidic saliva, teeth as hard as granite, and a dangerous nether region. If they were not so volatile, some say that they could be domesticated…


Internal filtration membranes keep these Ghouls safe from the harmful effects of the drug of choice, but do little to protect their enemies from the spread of their deadly weapons.

Here are some updates from the last two weeks:

Early Ham-Ham implementation:

Ghoul Character:

Implementing rockets:

Kill cam:

Critter cannon:

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