Fried Chicken Arrows: The Weapons of Another Reigny Day

It can be difficult to defend a castle without some whizbang weapons to help you out, and luckily you’ll find many of them in Another Reigny Day, set up in handy, easy-to-reach locations. You’re up against endless hordes of angry enemies, all looking to bust down your gatehouse, so make sure you’re in the know about what kind of damage you can deal.

Your trusty bow can be summoned at any time, from anywhere. It’s your bread and butter, your workhorse weapon, your default death dealer. Use it to send your standard-issue pointy sticks at enemies, or dip them into any of the three provided buckets to enhance their properties. Knockback arrows send foes flying. Flaming arrows immolate their sensitive skins. Delicious chicken arrows distract them with their crispy fried coatings (warning: side effects may include intense cravings).

Are arrows too old-fashioned for you? Grab hold of a new fangled staff and use it to fling magic missiles at your foes. Grab it with the grip button, select your spell with the track pad, and wave that wand around to charge up a deadly spell. Feeling romantic? Dual wield it to add some variety to your spells. Get creative and hurl a deadly fireball with one hand and a freezing ice storm with your other. Or maybe just embrace your inner arsonist and fill each fist with fireballs. We’re not judging.

If you’re really looking to do some damage, a cannon is the way to go. Sure, loading its giant projectiles can be a pain and even bringing its muzzle to bear takes some time, but there’s nothing quite like a satisfying boom followed by the cries of your shattered enemies. You can even keep your foes guessing by loading in some more exotic ammo to spice up your artillery, such as the holy cannonballs, spreadshots, and mortars. That’s a lot of heavy ordinance to hurl downrange.

If things get especially hairy, you can pull out your hand axes and get up close and personal with the baddies. If an enemy gets too up in your face, give them a good smack to put them in their place. Throwing hands at unfriendly faces is, perhaps, a last ditch effort, so before you can see the whites of their eyes, consider crispy frying them beneath the big cauldron of hot oil. After a short cooldown, hit the lever and watch as your enemies go from grotesque to golden brown. Just don’t get too overwhelmed by the delicious smell.

So whether you prefer to hurl arrows or spells, your tastes are accounted for in Another Reigny Day. From heavy ordinance to buckets of greasy chicken, there’s always a creative way to keep back the hordes.

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