Raw Ghoul à la Mode - Enemy Delicacies in Bite the Bullet

Once upon a time, I was a picky eater. Through sheer willpower, I got over my eating apprehensions and have now dined on everything from octopus to asparagus. However, despite all my adventures in appetite, there are many dishes I haven’t tried. Ghouls, for example. And robots!

Bite the Bullet finally gives me a chance to expand my horizons and dig into some of the worst fiends on the face of the planet. If it moves, it can probably be eaten, and if it doesn’t, you should try to eat it anyway. But what can you expect on your visit to Flavor Town? What kind of delicious morsels will you be dining on? Let’s take a look:


Your standard grunt of the army. They’ve been left to dry out and ferment, which means they taste like a cross between jerky and pickles: extremely salty, if you can handle it. And like jerky, they come in a number of flavours. There’s your rifle grunts, your shotgun jockeys, and even the extra spicy variety of grenade slingers and rocket launchers. Whatever your tastes, there’s a ghoul for you.

Bite the Bullet Ghouls


“I can’t eat a robot,” I can hear you thinking. Wrong! Everything is food if you believe in yourself! Flying drones are no less edible than any other physical object. Sure, it carries the bitter taste of deep-fried metal, but think about all the iron it will add to your diet. That’s, like, good for you, right? Just like ghouls, the flying drones come in a variety pack of bombers, divers, and gunners. Perfect for ruining your diet.

Not friendly to vegans bird drone getting eaten


Does eating rats not appeal to you? How about hamsters and squirrels? We’ve got plenty of ham-hams and green squirrels to fry up and devour. Y’know, I’ve heard that squirrel tastes like chicken. That’s not something I just made up, apparently it’s true. I know that they say everything tastes like chicken, but I’m serious here. The same is probably true for hamsters, but I’m not a monster, so I’m not about to try it.

Exotic Animals

Tired of eating the same old zombies every day? Try biting into something from a range of exotic critters. Bats, geckos, elk, bears, and more, each one tastier than the last. And forget all that “tastes like chicken” malarky I just said, these animals all taste like gummy candy. Every one of them. 

Bite the Bullet Wonder Elk


It can be tiring just dining on all that meat and machinery. Looking for a little roughage to round out that diet? Well there are plenty of mutant fruits and vegetables that you can dine on to get all the vitamins your body needs to eat more meat. 

Wipe the look off a smug berry’s face with your teeth. Bite down on some knuckle sponge. Pick a dinobulb as your starter dish. There’s a veritable buffet of delicious plants out there just waiting for you to dig them up!

Bite the Bullet Plants

I’ll bet you’re hungry now. In that case, why not head over to our Discord and sign up for the Bite the Bullet beta? Step out of your comfort zone and into a world of flavors and destruction.


Can't wait to bite into this sandwich of a game? Wishlist it on Steam today!

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