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      Gaming News — indie

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News: Playdate & You Suck At Parking

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News: Playdate & You Suck At Parking

      Hey, there I'm back for more weekly gaming news.


      Today we start off with a console! Sure it's something to play games on but this one's a little different. Meet the Playdate : it's a yellow square console that's the size of a post-it pad made by the developers at Panic. It's got an a button, b button, d-pad, Wi-fi, bluetooth, usb-c charging port, a headphone jack, and the coolest part i think is a crank seriously a crank on the side that you use to control the games makes you think of the play date as an upgraded form of a fidget spinner right it's got a mono speaker and reflective black and white display works as a nice low power clock when you're not using it too now let's discuss the games on this pocket size console what's so unique about this is the season a whole season is 24 free games that cater to a lot of genres however you won't get them all at once you'll start to receive two games every week for a span of 12 weeks as they are sent to you over Wifi in the works also is a play date developer site where you will also be able to make your own playdate games the software will be free to download and side loading of games directly to your play date is easy which means you can also play games other people make in between game seasons I'm not quite finished on this panic has also made a play-date stereo dock that acts as a charger a stereo bluetooth speaker and a pen holder with a matching yellow pen all yours for pre-order at $179 so shall we make it a playdate I think.

      So I got a question for you would you rather suck at racing or parking? I'd rather suck at racing and prefer to be really good at You Suck At Parking. You suck at parking is a brand new racing game from happy volcano it's like American ninja meets fast and furious meets real life I'm not even close to joking the objective is to try and park your car into spaces as cleanly as possible the spaces aren't the ones you see in regular parking lots where they're all lined up nicely these spaces are either located on a cliff or ledge even in a slant position the catch is to only stop when you're sure to park on the space if you stop you won't be allowed to start the car again and some levels will have you on limited fuel like I said real life did i mention the obstacle courses yep you'll have slippery roads boosters jump pads swinging hammers ramps and even industrial fans making your parking all the more challenging you can customize your car pull off tricks like spinning mid-air and even drift you have to remember to not go too slow as your timer will jam up ruining your score watch out for the corners too because you might find yourself flying over the edge and costing you a life there will be a real life leaderboard which lets players try to beat each other's times the visuals on this game have a cartoony feel to it and the music i have to say is impressive both of which should make the experience all the more enjoyable something to really watch out for and put on your wish list youth second parking won the dev com indie awards 2021 as well as an honorable mention at the unfold games awards this year it launches next year for PC, XBOX, Playstation and Nintendo switch hopefully with this game we all become masters at parking.

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      Retro Games Are for Lovers

      Retro Games Are for Lovers

      This Valentine’s Day, Mega Cat Studios has 14% off all orders with the coupon code LUSTYMEAT. This discount code ends Friday, but there’s plenty of time to break some hearts and make some memories with 8 & 16 Bit dessert

      A curated list of examples and suggestions are below, for new games and old, to celebrate this exciting day.

      The Player's Kit

      Mayo seen above for reference only. Disclaimer: This is not representative of Mayo’s character, and is a work of fiction.


      V-Day is the most romantic day of the year. So what's a Casanova supposed to do when he has to spread that romance among a handful of Player 2s? Give your ladies the classic log jam jive, that's what.


      Whether you have a ton of Tinder pals, a score of side chicks or you're just running around with your attractive and logistically sympatico neighbor, keeping everyone satisfied is hard work. That's why the Player's Kit is here to help. With Log Jammers, you'll be able to play the same game over and over again, swapping out opponents with ease. There's no long-term commitment here: just intense bouts of guilt-free, sweaty, log-jamming action. You can also call each date by their character's name, which has several perks in and of itself: roleplaying becomes additionally exciting and you can call them by their character name if you forget their real ones.

      Kit Includes: 1 copy of Log Jammers for the NES

      Just Add:

      NES Console

      2 Controllers


      Super Matrimony



      Are the coffee stains a heart? Suggestive buttocks? Will they be removed with a magic eraser, or will the magic eraser remove the finish again? Is anyone reading this?

      Kit Includes:

      1 Justice Duel

      1 Coffee Crisis

      Just Add: 1 bottle of champagne or coffee


      Sometimes you save the princess, or the princess saved you. Sometimes there’s no princess at all, just a couple of Zombears enjoying this day together. Sometimes things get spicy and Bowser saves Toad and….. - either way, you're blessed with a real-life player 2. Take a quest together to save the galaxy in Coffee Crisis, or, test the limits with some two-player Justice Duel. Nothing says ‘til death do us part like testing the limits when the stakes are high: bet household chores with a round of button mashing, or spice up your love life with some suggestive, mech-eagle cosplaying.

      No one has to be a loser on this night!


      Pro tip: Stretch and relax your airways to get limber before any suggestive maneuvering. Bring forth children into the world 9 months from this day, and there's at least one free game in it for you.


      Bachelor/Bachelorette's Night

      Although not as good as some couch co-op fun, the right game can still make a single-player feel great.

      Kit Includes: Creepy Brawlers

      Just Add: An NES Console with no more than one controller

      Clear liquor, preferably in a plastic jug


      If shrimp flavored Ramen (splurge, and treat yourself, so bust out that Sriracha and give it some flavor) is on the menu tonight, we’ve got the perfect post-dinner activity. After all, it's your special time to celebrate the relationship that brings the most happiness to your existence.


      Punish yourself with Creepy Brawlers, because chances are you'll never get past the third fight. If you do, the plastic bottle of booze will give you the company you want and need on this lonely, exhilarating night.


      Pro Tip: I saw on Reddit last week that Pornhub sorts the "Hottest" videos by the last video a viewer opens before closing the tab. Huh.

      SweetHearts Kit

      Sweethearts that play together, stay together. There's chemistry between you both, whether it started as a lusty pun on Tinder, or you're Creepin' up on engagement. No reservations this year? No problem. Invest in something long term, something real, a symbol of your love for one another with a Mega Cat date night package. There are many, many things great about the utility of a Toga, rather than regular sweatpants and a t-shirt, but nothing gets you in the mood like having unfettered access to your date's body

      Kit Includes: Little Medusa

      Just Add: Kamasutra (I recommend Yoga Vidya's version here:

      Toga sheet (See how simple: --rQ)

      Icy Hot (Not as an adventurous lubricant, just as a means to soothe the pain you'll inevitably be dealing with tomorrow.)


      Pro Tip: Stretch your hamstrings and crack your knuckles, this isn't going to end well. Icy Hot will not, however, help with the burns to your ego after you rage quit Little Medusa.

      "Joking aside, here at Mega Cat we love the retro gaming community and all the support they've given us through the years. Whoever you are, we wish you a happy Valentine's Day