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      Gaming News

      Classic Gaming Brands Spotlight: BAWLS Guarana

      Classic Gaming Brands Spotlight: BAWLS Guarana





      Connor McCoy is a Marketing & Digital Communications Coordinator at BAWLS Guarana. He’s a video game enthusiast and is known to be the leading expert in everything BAWLS… probably.




      First/Favorite Gaming Memory: (Fairly often this is being answered by simple things like the launch of the Nintendo, playing at an arcade as a teen, or watching a child unwrap a gift on a holiday).

      As the youngest in my family, my early gaming memories consist watching my two older brothers play our PS1 while I pleaded with them to pass me the controller. I savored the all turns at Crash Bandicoot I could get.

      Though, my favorite gaming memories are the Halo 2 system links days my friends and I would have. We’d scrounge up whatever TVs we could so we could play 8v8 – sometimes four of us playing on a 20” CRT, which is crazy to think about nowadays. Nothing beats playing Halo, pigging out, drinking BAWLS and yelling at your friends for screen looking at 3 am.



      About BAWLS Nation & Gaming's History

      We have the best loyal fans around – many who have been drinking BAWLS since the very beginning. One of our main fan bases has always been the gaming community and it wasn’t long after the launch in 1996 when BAWLS started sponsoring gaming events and partnering with video games developers.

      BAWLS sponsored early Cyberathlete Professional League tournaments around the country. One of the more notable sponsored events was QuakeCon and have been there since the beginning (still the official drink today).



      BAWLS in-game cameos throughout the years:

      Run Like Hell (2002) – “Run Like Hell and Grab Your BAWLS” was the slogan to help market this PS2 game in partnership with Digital Mayhem. BAWLS vending machines can be found throughout the game.


      Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel (2004) – That’s right BAWLS is in the Fallout universe. Instead of Nuka-Cola, it was BAWLS Guarana in the vault. Drinking it would give you health and the caps would act as currency.


      Greg Hastings’ Tournament Paintball MAX’D (2005) – BAWLS sponsored bunkers were seen in game because it’s paintBAWL.




      What makes BAWLS different than the others?

      BAWLS Guarana is infused with the Guarana berry, providing long lasting energy (without the crash). The Guarana berry, found in the Amazon, has a natural caffeine content two times greater than the coffee bean. The berry also gives BAWLS it’s unique flavor; there’s really nothing else like it.

      BAWLS is packaged in its signature 10oz glass bottle. The one of a kind bottle is studded for a non-slip grip. There’s just something special about drinking soda out of a glass bottle.



      What was the origin of the BAWLS Lan Party?

      After BAWLS Guarana launched in 1996, many gamers and techies started to drink BAWLS to fuel their late nights. Turns out BAWLS’ great taste, long lasting energy, cool bumpy non-slip glass bottle, and fun name, just so happened to be the perfect concoction for gamers. BAWLS Lan Parties spawned from these fans introducing it by the case to fuel their gathering. BAWLS caught on and started supporting as many LAN Parties as possible from basement gatherings to small local events. The blue bottled fuel soon became a must have if you were gearing up for a LAN Party.

      We still get requests every day to sponsor LAN Parties and we love to support as many as we can!

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - EVE Online Molea Cemetery

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - EVE Online Molea Cemetery
      One of the biggest ways is to showcase is the Molea Cemetery, which is entirely community-made, and maintained. A group of players painstakingly scour New Eden for the corpses of those who died in-game and transfer them to the cemetery in floating cargo containers for safekeeping.

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      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - SNES Box Art

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - SNES Box Art

      There's nothing quite like the nostalgia of a Super Nintendo game, which of course includes taking it out of a shiny new box with awesome box art.
      Something we may not have realized as kids or how old you were when you were buying SNES games, we're not judging, is that the art is different depending on where the game is released. There have always been regional differences in the release of any game, whether it's changing a joke that's regionally specific, or downright censoring games for the use of nudity or profanity.
      Some rating standards are different in different countries so games will have to be edited accordingly. The difference in box art is really fun to dive into so stumbling across an article from comparing the different art from Japan, Europe, and America was awesome. They covered games like Final Fantasy 3, Shadowrun, Super Metroid, Soul Blazer, and more by going in depth on the different styles, use of border colors, which by the way is actually super important and it definitely made us want to collect SNES games, in box of course, from around the world!
      To check out the article and all of the sweet art, click the link below and let us know what SNES boxes are your favorite.