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      Gaming News

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - Awesome Retro Collection

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - Awesome Retro Collection

      Retro gaming and collecting can get out of hand very easily and start to take up a lot of space, we know from experience. So when we saw one TikToker's space-saving setup, we were pretty impressed!

      The TikTok user in question goes by the name charlietheadventurevan and he is an avid retro console collector with a very clever way of storing it all.

      He posted a video on the video-sharing social networking site that started off by showing us a large wooden box, saying, "When people ask what else we have built besides the van..." We were then treated to the contents inside, and they are glorious. When you open the box inside lid has a flat screen TV with a video switch to move between the five consoles that are also stored in there. In the video you can see an NES, Nintendo 64, GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Nintendo Switch, all with their respective controllers. There is even enough room for more consoles, should he like to add to the collection. He's still missing the SNES and Sega Genesis, we're just saying.

      Do you have a retro game or console collection that takes up a ton of space?

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - Classic Gameboy Mines Cryptocurrency

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - Classic Gameboy Mines Cryptocurrency

      We all remember our first Gameboy. Sitting in long car rides playing Tetris, Super Mario Land, Gargoyle's Quest, and many more. Well, now there's one more thing the classic handheld console can do: Mine cryptocurrency.

      YouTube channel stacksmashing made an eight minute video showing you how to take your Gameboy, a Gameboy Link Cable, and a Raspberry Pi Pico microcomputer to connect to a Bitcoin Node and a Bitcoin Network and get to work. If you're not familiar with the Gameboy Link Cable, it was used back in the day to trade game characters or items with other players, usually in Pokemon. Using that cable to connect the Raspberry Pi is really quite ingenious.

      As cool as this is, the question remains, is it worth it? The short answer is no. Apparently, at the rate that the Frankenstein the Gameboy can mine Bitcoins, it would take a quadrillion years to get a single coin. To put that into perspective, a quadrillion hours is more than the age of the universe.

      While this won't solve our GPU shortage, it's a fascinating project using a handheld console that came out way back in 1989. To check out the video on how to create a Gameboy Crypto Miner, click the link below:

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - High Score Pinball Arcade in Long Island

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - High Score Pinball Arcade in Long Island

      We love seeing retro gaming pop up in more and more places, so we're pretty hyped to hear about a Pinball arcade that opened up in Long Island called High Score Pinball Arcade.

      Owner Melissa Cerquin has been a longtime pinball enthusiast and game collector with her boyfriend Mike Burd, and they decided to use their collection to resurrect the Long Island Pinball scene. "I want to bring it back to playing for the fun of it" said Cerquin"Arcades used to be about getting that high score, getting that top of the iceberg type thing where you have your initials or say your high score immortalized somewhere."

      The arcade boasts over 45 Pinball machines and they don't even require quarters. An all-day pass costs just $25 for unlimited Pinball fun, and if you don't have that much time, you can buy an hour for $15, 30 minutes for 10, or 15 minutes for just $7.

      Located in the Westfield South Shore Mall, High Score Pinball Arcade is always looking for new Pinball machines to add to their collection. Their website shares a blurb saying, "Do you have a pinball/arcade machine collecting dust in your basement that you'd like to let go to see have a second life? Maybe have a restoration project you might need a hand with but no idea who to call? We at High Score Pinball want to help!"

      Are you a Pinball fan?

      The Best Games to Start Your Retro Journey

      The Best Games to Start Your Retro Journey
      When it comes to our passions, we all started somewhere that made us fond of them later in our lives. I, for one, started my journey down the rabbit hole of board gaming from the simple discovery of a six-sided die when I was young. This led me to inadvertently creating systems and mechanics that I could play with to accommodate the random nature of a number resulting from rolling that die. This also somehow led to me being interested in video games later in life, especially when I found out about how the games themselves did all the behind the scenes calculations for you.

      Read more

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - Nintendo Switch Online Added 5 new Retro Games

      Weekly Dose of Gaming News - Nintendo Switch Online Added 5 new Retro Games

      Nintendo does a great job of providing us retro lovers with a huge number of incredible games from our childhoods. In fact, Nintendo Switch Online just released five new games putting the total at 104, that's all lot of retro to play!

      The most recent five added are slightly more obscure titles which we're fine with. Finding retro games we haven't played before is always exciting.

      The five titles that we'll have a chance to play are; Caveman Ninja: Joe & Mac, which was an arcade game that was ported to the SNES in 1991; Magical Drop II, a puzzle game originally released in 1996 for the Neo Geo in Japan; Super Baseball Simulator, a baseball game released in 1991 for the SNES; Spanky's Quest also released in 1991 for the SNES, you get to play as an adorable monkey with a magic bubble; And finally, Ninja Jajamaru-kun an action game released in 1985 for the Famicom only in Japan. It wasn't until 2007, that the rest of the world got to play it when it was released on the Wii Virtual Console.

      We're pretty hyped to play some retro games we haven't before. Are there any of the newly added titles that you're looking forward to playing?