Bits That Go Bump In The Night - The Ghosts That Have Haunted Our Games

Being a ghost is no easy task. Sometimes you’re a vengeful spirit, other times you’re just caught in an endless loop of replaying your own death over and over for eternity.

When it comes to The Meating, though, your vengefulness knows no bounds as you search for a way out of the afterworld. This isn’t the only instance of ghosts who haunt our consoles (and sometimes our dreams). Here are a few other ghastly ghouls who have driven the nightmare fuel in video games.


Pac Man Ghosts

The arcade classic Pac-Man was, for all intents and purposes, one of the carriers of modern gaming. Of course, you have the titular Pac-Man, running through an endless maze while running from the four ghosts of gaming's past: Pinky, Blinky, Inky and Clyde. Each ghost has its own patterns and strategies to attempt to royally screw up Pac’s day, and their presence has blessed gaming ever since.

The Pokemon Series

Pokemon Ghost

Pokemon is no stranger to ghosts. There’s even a whole type of Pokemon devoted to the ghastly beings. But if you’re looking for a tear-jerker, look no further than Marowak in Pokemon Red and Blue.

The Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town pays respects to all of the dead Pokemon in the region of Kanto. While the building is full of Ghastlys, Haunters and Gengars (oh my!), the real feelings come when you have to fight a Marowak that is the mother of a Cubone in the tower. It’s even said that the skull helmets that Cubones wear are that of their mothers.


Ghostbuster Video Game Slimer

The video game adaption of the popular movie franchise has you running around and, well, busting ghosts. One of the more iconic enemies, aside from the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, is Slimer, a green entity that spews slime over anybody who tries to mess with it. Haunting the Sedgewick Hotel, this ghost can usually be found scarfing down food. Not much is known about its origins or motivations, but he is one mean, green eating machine.

Luigi’s Mansion

Luigi's Mansion Ghosts

Luigi’s outing into a horror-esque game was unexpected, to say the least. But it paid off, given that Luigi’s Mansion has a sequel and an upcoming threequel. The timid Luigi is armed with a modified vacuum cleaner, courtesy of Professor E.Gadd, the nicest mad scientist you’ll ever meet.

The game is full of ghosts for Luigi to fight, from old men in rocking chairs to babies that you have to hurl balls at. As a child, this game was certified nightmare fuel. I’d never want to enter the contest that Luigi did to win this mansion. If I did, it’s likely I’d be giving Sam and Dean Winchester a call.

The Moo With The Boo

In The Meating, Kon doesn’t have to take on a bloodthirsty green man with a vacuum cleaner. Instead, he will be traversing the underworld and searching for the bits and pieces of his former self after being slaughtered. Someday we hope to see him float among the great ghosts of gaming.


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